Stirring The Pot: NYC Diesel Shatter + Pliny the Elder IPA

The fourth pairing in our weekly Food & Drinks column: Stirring The Pot. Today, Ed combines NYC Diesel Shatter and Pliny the Elder IPA.


Hi there everyone!

image_4This pairing here could very well end up being the best match yet with Pliny the Elder (To many, the world’s best double IPA) being paired with New York City Diesel shatter from Groundswell dispensary. Now usually, I don’t do back-to-back beers in the same style, but the stars simply aligned and well, who was I to test fate?

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First and foremost, I want the readers to know that Pliny is quite possibly my favorite all time beer. It is refreshing, high gravity, and tastes like you would imagine the perfect IPA tasting like. The NYC Diesel strain, originally by Soma Sacred Seeds is a 60% sativa-dominant cross between a Sour Diesel clone and an Afghani/Hawaiian male. Here, Groundswell has taken their already incredible example of the strain and had it turned into this amazing shatter. Just one whiff of the shatter and you’ll think you’re at a truck stop inhaling from directly from the gas pump. Fuel and a lingering sweetness are the dominating flavor types presented here.

image_3I decide to start off with the Pliny, as some IPA’s can hit the palate with an overarching bitterness in the first few sips. I didn’t want this, though not unpleasant flavor, to interfere with the base flavors of each. The sips are stunning, and just as good as any other Pliny I’ve had before today. The flavors of crisp grapefruit, pine tree resin, and fresh hops permeate throughout. The taste of summer personified into a beer.

Now I take a huge rip of the shatter from the vape pen. Whoa. The flavor of gasoline mixed with lavender and lemongrass now existed as the Pliny flavors remained around to mingle. I take another sip of the Pliny, and it’s like hiking through a forest and the smell of campfires surrounding you. I’m taken back to camping trips from years past, the smells and flavors of earthy forest, smoke, fuel, oranges, and still a pleasantly bitter grapefruit. A few more tokes on the pen and this cerebral sledgehammer proceeds to drop bombs on my mind and body. This shatter is utterly powerful. The Pliny is still bringing the flavors of apricots and other fruits to the scene when I go back and forth between the two.

I decide to give myself a few minutes to let everything settle as the buzz was creeping up on me like a bag of mushrooms at a Phish show.

It’s been ten minutes and I’m putting The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn from Pink Floyd on. I take more lemony blasts of shatter from the pen. The Gnome is on. And then one day! Hurray, another way for Gnome’s to say….uuuuuuuurrrrrigghggghghhhhtttt. (sp?) Syd Barrett was so good.

Whew, very buzzed from the shatter and the Pliny which went down quite fast. Shatter is extremely psychedelic in buzz effect. Paired with the Pliny, it’s like having six Red Bull vodka’s but with better cerebral and muscle control. The flavors linger long after each are finished, leaving the palate satiated with crisp air of a forest on a summer day. Closing my eyes, I’m right there, in the mountains. What a pairing.


So yeah….I definitely recommend the world class DIPA Pliny the Elder, and if you can find it, any variation of the NYC DIesel strain, from herb to wax. I do not believe you’ll regret it. Not only did they match in flavors, but they more than matched in buzz pairing. Incredible.

Until next time!