Stirring The Pot: Strawberry Mango Haze sap paired with Russian River Supplication [Column]

Ed's back with his first Stirring The Pot pairing of the year: Strawberry Mango Haze sap paired with Russian River Supplication!

Strawberry Mango Haze sap and Russian River Supplication
Strawberry Mango Haze sap and Russian River Supplication

Hello everyone!

For my first pairing of 2015, I bring you the amazing sour Supplication from Russian River and pair that with Strawberry Mango Haze from Kind Love medical dispensary here in Denver Colorado. Big thanks go to my friend TerpyTJ for hooking it up with the Supplication and giving my first post of the new year the beer it needs to get going the right way. Supplication is a sour that’s been aged in Pinot Noir barrels with cherries added. If you’ve ever had some of Russian River’s beers, then you know the quality of the product they brew.

Strawberry Mango Haze sap and Russian River Supplication
Strawberry Mango Haze sap and Russian River Supplication

The sap is incredibly terpy, smells of mango and sweet berries when right under your nose. Held up to the light, the sap appears to be almost entirely clear, just a hint of yellow. On the table, it has a tangerine hue.

To clarify: Sap is like a midway point between ‘live resin’ and shatter. It’s got a sappy consistency, but more potent than shatter. The terp levels are incredible. For more information, make sure to click-through for our “What is dabbing?” article!

I start the pairing by pouring the beer into my glass, a nice, slightly pinkish, golden ale. Smells sweet and tart. I now prepare a dab, so that I can hit that soon after taking my first few sips.

The first sip of the beer is a pallet awakening moment. Tartness floods my mouth, but quickly gives way to grape must, sour cherries some brett funk, and earthiness from the oak. The flavor really sticks around afterwards too.

Strawberry Mango Haze sap
Strawberry Mango Haze sap

Taking a good-sized dab of the sap, my lungs are filled with a sweet smoke, mixing with the flavors of the beer to give hints of vanilla, strawberry cream, and sherry. Wow.  A couple more sips, and another dab bring about caramelized dates, smoked cherries and wine soaked fruits. The tartness overpowers a lot of the smoke flavors, which only seem to last as long as the smoke is being exhaled and for a few seconds afterward. Still, the third dab brings lemons dipped in sugar, tart raspberries, and fig butter. The funk is there at the bottom too, bringing a cheesy brie like flavor to the lingering notes when not sipping.

The buzz of the dabs begin to shift my brain from reality, into Pink Floyd zone, a flying pig holding a glass of Supplication winks at me. Okay. No more dabs.

Just kidding.

I finish my glass of beer and proceed to take my fourth dab. Cloves, oak, and the deep inspiring grape flavor, almost like Grape Crush, so sweet and tart, formidably the flavor that sticks out the most when I exhale.

A warm feeling of supreme relaxation envelops me from head to toe. The blush inducing buzz from the Supplication dances with the pseudo-psychedelic colors and head freeing buzz from the dabs of Strawberry Mango Haze.

Russian River Supplication
Russian River Supplication’s funky bottle cap

If you are in Colorado, and have your medical card, I couldn’t suggest going to Kind Love more.  Their quality is off the charts right now. Green Dot Labs have a great partner in them. Supplication from Russian River seems to be released twice a year, so ask your local liquor store or beer manager when they plan to get any in. Taken together, listening to some old Beck, and it’s like floating on clouds, the mind and body satiated with some of the best of man’s excesses.

I want more like this!

Until next time, Puff Puff Sip!