Presidential Hopeful Bernie Sanders on Marijuana [Video]

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders was asked the marijuana question on last night's CNN democratic debate.


Even if you only accidentally turned on the TV or social media, you are most likely aware there is another presidential election coming up in the United States.

And while on the Republican side it’s starting to look like a reality show, on the Democratic side it’s clear there are only two real contenders: Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

Picture: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
Picture: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

And whereas Hillary Clinton does not go as far as speaking out in favor of recreational marijuana, she did speak out in favor of medical marijuana in the debate and has already done so before.

Not so long ago, her husband was asked a similar question, to which he replied legalizing marijuana should be left up to the states.

But our real hopeful is Bernie Sanders. The question (and answer) were as follows (and too can be watched in the video above):

CNN: Nevadans will vote in 2016 on legalizing recreational marijuana. How would you vote if you were a resident?

Bernie Sanders: I suspect I would vote yes. And I would vote yes, because I am seeing in this country too many lives being destroyed for non-violent offenses. We have a criminal justice system that lets CEO’s on Wall Street walk away and yet we are imprisoning or giving jail sentences to young people who are smoking marijuana. I think we have to think through this war on drugs, which has done an enormous amount of damage. We need to rethink our criminal justice system and we have a lot of work to do in that area.

To balance it all out, here’s an outtake of the Republican debate from a couple months ago.

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