On Saturday, we provide informative videos in Couchlock Saturday from our friends at Cannabis News Network, Controlled Substance and Smartheads TV/International Highlife.

Cannabis in Berlin

For the first time ever in Europe, the International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) was held in Berlin this year.

Politicians, legal advisers, scientists, businessmen and women. All coming together in a professionalisation and mainstreaming of the cannabis industry.

Cannabis News Network published this video report, featuring Ed Rosenthal, Dana Rohrabacher (R), Alex Rogers and Alan Dronkers (Sensi Seeds).

Cooking with drugs

We’ll be doing more articles on edibles (cannabis infused food), like the one published this week on the Rainbow Kush Cake. But also on an infused dinner we had on April 20th in Amsterdam. Dosage however, is very important and differs for everyone. As such, it doesn’t always end well as you can see in the video below…

Up your joint rolling game

Well, if you’re going to make a Lemon Cheesecake joint, might as well roll it with Simon’s ultimate filter tip.