VICE Reports: Government Crackdown on Marijuana in the Netherlands [Video]

The Dutch cannabis policy was considered for a long time to be the most liberal in the world, but the government is out to crackdown on marijuana.


VICE News reports on the recent government crackdown on marijuana in the Netherlands: the rescheduling of cannabis containing over 15% THC to Schedule 1 (as a hard drug, on par with Heroin), the weed pass, what the implications would be for Amsterdam, Cannabis Liberation Day 2015 and more!

Make sure to also check out the interview we did with the Dutch cannabis legalization VOC-Nederland for more details.

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Dutch Cannabis Policy

Currently, Dutch municipalities can decide that the coffeeshops in their area are not allowed to sell to foreigners, as the so-called “weed pass” is still active in many places.

Cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht still allow the sale of cannabis to foreigners, however, it is not completely legal. Coffeeshops are tolerated, but the production and distribution still happens in the illegal circuit.

Even if there is clear evidence of less nuisance when the coffeeshops are allowed to sell to foreigners, the chance of a full legalization under the reign of the Liberal Party is small.

While the weed pass policy is decided by each municipality, this interactive map gives a quick indication of where you can and cannot get your legal dutch green without the Dutch nationality or proof you are living in The Netherlands.

For more information on Dutch Cannabis Policy, visit the VOC Nederland website and hit them up on Twitter & Facebook (they post in Dutch AND English).