The legacy of resigning Dutch Minister Opstelten? Street dealers

Opstelten refused to be the Minister with the legacy of cannabis legalization, instead he left The Netherlands with an old problem: street dealers.


After years of struggling with Minister Ivo Opstelten and State Secretary Fred Teeven of Security and Justice Teeven (both VVD, Liberal Party) blocking all progress whatsoever in the Netherlands and responsible for the weedpass and recent growshop law debacle, both ironically resigned yesterday over a 2 million euro deal with hash baron Cees H.

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In the past, Opstelten made clear he did not want to have the legacy of cannabis legalization in the Netherlands, instead he cracked down on cannabis, coffeeshops and the dutch tolerance policy.

So what do we have to thank him for? Street dealers, back on the streets in the Netherlands.

In a two-part series, included above is the first video from Cannabis News Network with an undercover report: street dealers showing the failure of Dutch drug policy.