Why Kevin Smith’s Hollyweed is better than Disjointed

Hollyweed is Kevin Smith's new pilot episode, free to stream online. Does it portray cannabis culture better than Netflix' Disjointed did?


Thanks to YouTube’s algorithm (gotta hate and love it), I saw this Hollyweed pilot appear from Kevin Smith after I had watched his most recent Joe Rogan Experience appearance.

At first, I skipped watching it. Not due to the content, as I would want to see it later, but because of a crazy Dutch summer. So when the weather finally settled for something more Dutch, I found myself one evening watching this Hollyweed pilot, intended for release three years ago already.

However as Kevin Smith explained on the Joe Rogan Experience, the pilot never aired and now after a long struggle, it has found itself free to watch online after which will be decided whether or not to continue with the project.

Well, count me in as one of the voices to say: continue, please!

Hollyweed pilot

The Hollyweed pilot is set in a cannabis dispensary in LA, California. Smith works at the dispensary together with his colleague, Donnell Rawlings (from The Chappelle Show)

Donnel Rawlings and Kevin Smith in Hollyweed. Picture: YouTube

Having watched Season 1 of Netflix’ Disjointed (which has now been discontinued), I thought it was funny at times but you really saw the hand of the director of the Big Bang Theory. It also felt less made for actual real cannabis consumers and more for the general public, thus continuing many ‘stoner’ stereotypes.

For me, Kevin Smith’s Hollyweed already does better at these points. Including having a more interesting, unexpecting storyline. The end made me both ‘huh’ and laugh at the same time.

Hollyweed at portraying cannabis culture & industry

The hardcore weed business parts are done with a better understanding of how it actually works in the real world, as well as the cannabis culture parts.

Sure, they still make fun of the cannabis strain names and invent some funny ones. Then again, maybe the cannabis culture should step up from the childish names in the first place.

I’ve embedded the pilot above. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!