Watch the UK Parliament debate cannabis for the first time

The UK Parliament recently held a cannabis debate for the first time in history. The outcome? Watch it in this Cannabis News Network report.


For the first time in history the British parliament had to discuss whether Britain should legalize the production, sale and use of cannabis. The initiative to debate this matter did not come from the parliament itself.

Unfortunately only 14 out of a possible 650 MPs attended the parliamentary debate

They were more or less forced after nearly a quarter of million signatures were collected by means of an e-petitions system, that is ironically enough owned by the government.

Unfortunately only 14 out of a possible 650 MPs took this democratic act serious and attended the parliamentary debate.

Clark French, a medicinal cannabis patient from the UK and Director for the United Patients Alliance, made an exclusive report for Cannabis News Network. The video also includes material that was collated for the feature-length documentary ‘GrassRoots: The Cannabis Revolution’ that will be released in 2016.

This news video contains several interviews plus a very emotional speech from French about the insanity of criminalizing patients who are trying to improve their lives, or even cure themselves, with a natural medicine called cannabis.

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