We are one! And the time is now…

The greatest move when we embrace love, peace and unity.

Artwork by Peyote Coyote

A big shout out to all those who are consciously giving out information in the open for the masses, our efforts may not be recognized individually but we sure as ‘God made little green apples’, have descended from the planet of love somewhere in the middle of the cosmos.

What we observe around us today is the consequence of an experiment called ‘globalization’; a powerful catalyst that has brought us to where we are; the 7 billion or so, stars of the human race, in the modern world. The power has always been in our hands.

[quote_right]What we observe around us today is the consequence of an experiment called ‘globalization’; a powerful catalyst that has brought us to where we are; the 7 billion or so, stars of the human race, in the modern world[/quote_right]

So, I look at globalization as a reason, a benediction to ultimately destroy barriers that have existed since time immemorial. The fact that the human race has been resistant to change (for obvious evolutionary reasons) and are organized based on rigid cultural parallels, are few amongst many cultural propagandas that are eroding each and everyone’s ability to become conscious and to reach one’s true self.

So, in my opinion what should have ideally happened to us in order to become wise enough to revere nature first, to respect what is there is front of our eyes, to truly embody peace & love? The answer to this is the path of destruction. Not until we consciously realize the gravity of the situation and walk on that path, will we be wiser than yesterday. Not until we are lost do we begin to find ourselves. Let me explain this a bit more, what I mean to say is ‘we’ as a human race have been slow to respond to the changes that we see around us because each nation (and there are about 200 or nation states) and the government that regulate these nations pretend that they exist independently on their own little planet. We have to exploit the new age (globalization) that will help in the liberation of all of humanity; that which will bring in an era teleporting us back to our roots of connectedness.

Peyote Coyote
Artwork by Peyote Coyote

[quote_center]What globalization; the global experiment, teaches us is that, each action causes a ripple effect, one such example is a chicken falling sick in a remote place that brought in the age of Swine flu and the like.[/quote_center]

Peyote Coyote
Artwork by Peyote Coyote

This experiment that we’ve clearly been slow to respond to has another side to its story. Technology is the other pillar or variable in the experiment that has taken humanity by surprise. Not technology that we use to access the internet for the latest events or some friend’s birthday updates but the use of technology that has equipped us with the realization of the power of the ‘one’, the plausible situation that the more connected we all are, the more synchronized we shall be, our actions shall be.

Synchronized in order to execute mass culture orientated towards love, peace and the betterment of humanity. Becoming aligned with such thoughts will clearly be our way to initiate the new world order hallmarked by the legalization of medical use of marijuana, one of the clear outcomes of this unfolding experiment.

So how are we supposed to feel about all the developments taking place around us?

The answer is to be absolutely positive and uplifted because the fact is that we were all supposed to witness the golden age, an age that will thrive on the plant that bears seeds, nourish and purify mother earth with the use of what the universe wanted us to use. Life is more meaningful when one thinks there is a greater purpose of living the human journey called life; to serve humanity and all the world’s creations.