Header picture: Entry #10, not 16. Apologies. Nicole Dry Sift Rosin Marimberos genetics in concentrate category.


Shout out to our partners Sensi Seeds, Vaposhop, Grace Glass Bongs and Pollinator Company for making this possible!

Since HIGH TIMES wasn’t coming back to the Netherlands in 2015 for the annual Cannabis Cup, the HomeGrown Cup organization felt there was a gap that needed to be filled. With the HomeGrown Cup, they lean on an old tradition of celebrating the annual agriculture harvests at the end of the season.

The HomeGrown Cup emphasizes the benefits of growing your own cannabis for personal use and sharing with friends; recreational, medical and therapeutic.

The HomeGrown Cup is strictly an invitational competition. Only competitors and organizers are permitted entry to the judging session, held at a secret location.

Vaporizers are on site, encouraging healthy cannabis use.

And so we’re pleased to announce the first edition of the HomeGrown Cup happened last weekend and we are able to present you the results!¬†We will be able to share more information with you soon too, for now enjoy the entry shots!

Winner Outdoor Category HomeGrown Cup 2015:

#4 Cannabis Social Club Amsterdam with Dutch Passion’s Shaman strain

Dutch Passion Shaman

Winner Indoor Category HomeGrown Cup 2015:

#7 Coffeeshop Toermalijn Tilburg with Marimberos’ Nicole strain

Marimberos Nicole

Winner Concentrate Category HomeGrown Cup 2015:

#14 Ambrosia Extracts with Lemon Cookie Dough (Lemon Bubble x Hypro) BHO Nug Run

Ambrosia Extracts with Lemon Cookie Dough (Lemon Bubble x Hypro) BHO Nug Run

Trophies for first place concentrate, indoor and outdoor category #HGC2015 #cannabiscup #homegrowncup #cannabis #710 #420

Een foto die is geplaatst door HomeGrown Cup (@homegrowncup) op

You can find the full gallery of entries on the HomeGrown Cup Instagram page.

And a big shoutout to everyone involved! More to follow…