The organisation behind the HomeGrown Cup announced earlier this week the second iteration of the HomeGrown Cup will take place on December 17, 2017 in Eindhoven.

Founder Mauro Picavet told Leafly:

“We want to highlight the benefits of growing your own cannabis for personal use, whether it’s recreational, medical, therapeutically, or a combination of all those,” he said. “Anyone can enter, even if you only grow one plant in your garden.”

The HomeGrown Cup is strictly an invitational competition. Only competitors and organizers are permitted entry to the judging session, held at a secret location.

To, Holland’s biggest cannabis website, Mauro said:

The first meetings have taken place. Most importantly, the date has been announced and potential participants and sponsors can contact the organisation at

More information can be found at the website:

The winners from last year have been embedded below. For the complete gallery of entries, visit the HomeGrown Cup Instagram page.

Winner Outdoor Category HomeGrown Cup 2015:

#4 Cannabis Social Club Amsterdam with Dutch Passion’s Shaman strain

Winner Indoor Category HomeGrown Cup 2015:

#7 Coffeeshop Toermalijn Tilburg with Marimberos’ Nicole strain

Winner Concentrate Category HomeGrown Cup 2015:

#14 Ambrosia Extracts with Lemon Cookie Dough (Lemon Bubble x Hypro) BHO Nug Run