Best served ice-cold

Ice-o-lator is a high quality concentrate, which thanks to the extraction method ensures a high THC-grade in the product. The extraction itself is rather simple. By cooling the plant material with water and ice to 0 degrees Celsius, followed by a 5-60 minute agitation with a machine or by hand.

Best served ice-cold!

Afterwards, the water itself gets filtered by a couple of filter bags, often between 220 micron and 25 micron, which is a size measure of the filters. The filterbags, after agitation, will leave a residue behind, which after drying and filtering with a kitchen sieve will leave you with the renowned Ice-o-lator!

bubbleator voc nederland
We were able to borrow the machine from The Stoned Society, the original Dutch version can be found on our website!

The filter bags’ gradient will ultimately decide the potency of your concentrate. 25 micron will leave you with the most potent residue, but also the least amount of residue.

Let’s delve into the “washing” of the plant material. First and foremost, make sure you have even, crushed bud. We noticed during the making of this article an every day blender makes for an excellent tool.

The crushed material enters the filterbag (with space up to 4 ounces), after which you zip up the bag with a pin to ensure no material leaves the bag.

We washed the same material twice, the first time being a mere 10 minutes.

This resulted in a slightly lighter residue than the second time, during which we left the machine on for 40 minutes and which gave us slightly more product.

Various Ice Water Extraction Techniques

[quote_right]A fantastic product and extraction method[/quote_right]

There are many different Ice Water Extraction techniques, with people out there washing the same product up to 5 times. There are however people out there producing full-melt ice-o-lator who swear by short washing times, to ensure you only harvest mature trichromes. For example, bubbleman swears by the so-called “carding” technique of the plant material. By carding the dry material through several sieves, you are able to divide the plant’s trichomes between stems and heads (headies). He (and many others) are able to separate 98% – 99,9% of the headies from the starting material. The result is a pure, perfect sample but is in fact only 1% yield of the material used.

To draw a comparison; the starting material was 50 grams of material, with the final end result being an ample 4 grams of Ice-o-lator. By just using straight up buds as material (a full nug run), you are able to make 15 grams of Ice-o-lator from 50 grams of starting material! If you would use several filterbags, for example 5 bags from 220-73 micron, it’s highly possible you would collect even more. This however, will result in less actual high-grade product in comparison with one single 73 micron bag.

On the left the first wash slightly lighter colored, on the right the second wash.

Not everyone has a readymade press at home for Ice-o-lator, which is why we have come up with a much easier solution (read: seen on YouTube). You simply take a piece of baking foil, about 4×4 inches big depending on how much you would like to press. You put the hash in the middle of the baking foil and fold the sides, after which you fold the top and bottom and carefully turn the package around. Heat up a spoon with a stove (or a candle, lighter etc) for about 10 seconds. Use the hot spoon to thorougly press the hash.

Concluding with a pro-tip: press your hash!

To ensure your Ice-o-lator hash doesn’t get stuck to the baking foil, and to leave no trichromes behind, we put the package in the freezer for a minute or two. Afterwards, you are able to peel off your ice-o-lator hash. We noticed this process improved the taste, without any noticeable decrease in quality/strength of the product. By making small patches of Ice-o-lator, we are able to enjoy our product over a longer period in comparison with the grains. Or at least, create the illusion .

Overall, the Ice-o-lator is and remains a fantastic product and extraction method and has been thoroughly enjoyed by our team!

The final result: Ice-o-lator!