The Jerry Garcia “acid talks” interview animated by Blank on Blank


The PBS series Blank on Blank has animated a portion of a 1987 interview with Jerry Garcia by Joe Smith, Initially conducted for Joe Smith’s book: Off the Record: an Oral History of Popular Music.

[quote_right]“We just set up the equipment, everyone got high, and stuff would happen”[/quote_right]

Six months did the Grateful Dead spent playing at Ken Kesey’s infamous LSD parties in the mid-1960s, also known as the Acid Tests.

The video focuses on the early incarnation of the Grateful Dead, back when they were going by the name the Warlocks, dropping LSD, and letting the Acid Tests inform the direction of the band.

At one point Smith pointedly asks, “You guys now, you’re doing some acid, you’re playing around. What did you expect to be? We’re you going to be the Beatles? Were you going to be a great rock and roll [band], what were you going to do?” Garcia is quick to answer that they didn’t care what they were doing specifically; they just wanted to have fun. “We fell in with the Acid Tests. We were having the most fun we’d ever had . . . I mean it was just incredible.”

“Mostly it was completely free, there was no real performance of any kind involved. Everybody there was as much performer as audience.”, recalling it was the most important time for the band in terms of finding direction.