Seattle may have won the Super Bowl, but both cities are still on top

In the end you can't predict everything and there has to be a winner and a loser, but in what context?


It may be hard to believe, but I’ve noticed that there was a legit shot at what people are calling the “Doobie Bowl” of 2014, since the mid-NFL season. Peyton Manning started off on record pace when he tied for the most passing touchdowns in the opening game of the 2013-2014 season. As all NFL fans know he went on to break the touchdown record for a single season pretty swiftly with a record setting offense, but it also shouldn’t have been much of a surprise that they planned to do damage in this years playoffs after they were shocked against the Baltimore Ravens in the playoffs last year, who went on to win the Super Bowl. Seattle had a little more backing up to do even with one of the best starts to their NFL season in franchise history, they first had to upset their division rival the San Francisco 49ers who were also in the Super Bowl last year.

Still, Seattle ended up being the favorites in the NFC with the number one seed; Denver as well went number one in the AFC, then for some reason the public started realizing that the two best teams happened to have legalized marijuana that year. The jokes started flowing in one by one, memes followed suit not long after, and then there we have it, the “Stoner Bowl”. Classic, right?

[quote_right]”Stoner Bowl” Classic, right?[/quote_right]

We knew history had been made when we all saw the legalization of medicinal cannabis glow on the screen during the presidential election, and most of us envied the two states that ended up with recreational privileges, but still of course could share the joy from a distance with the unity of a slow removal of prohibition. Not legalized nationwide at this time and that may be not for sometime, we can still say it’s moving in the right direction. These two states have been getting a lot of attention during the year and will continue to get even more for the rest of 2014.

Predictions all around were that this was going to be a close championship game with the top offense vs the top defense facing-off for the title. I personally would have put my money on the Seahawks, but this year I decided to not be a part of the usual tradition and just was going to enjoy the game this year, in other words I was too scared to bet on the game. I was just like other people, this game was going to come down to the wire and just a couple of key moments and it could have been the best Super Bowl anyone had ever witnessed. This wasn’t just a hypothesis someone was making up, this game was would go down in history for sure! A record 111.5 million viewers tuned into the game that night to back that up, but I am certain most of us were shocked by the ridiculous outcome.

[quote_right]¬†In the end you can’t predict everything and there has to be a winner and a loser, but in what context?[/quote_right]

I honestly didn’t even watch more than half of the game after it turned into a rout when Percy Harvin returned a kick off opening the 2nd half already being up 22-0, making it 29-zip. I vaguely chuckled at what I was seeing and didn’t even pay attention to the rest of the game, occasionally glancing at the TV seeing if the Broncos would even score which eventually they did to end the 3rd quarter making the game 36-8. The massacre eventually ended 43-8 and I was very unsatisfied with the game even though you would think I wanted the Broncos crushed because they’re a divisional rival of mine since I am a die hard San Diego Chargers fan. The first thing that popped in my head was the idiot who got “Broncos Super Bowl 48 champions” tattooed on his left shoulder before the game, I can guarantee he regrets that more than most people would have tattooing their now exes names on their bodies. In the end you can’t predict everything and there has to be a winner and a loser, but in what context?

Seattle deserves all the credit in the world for bringing home the Vince Lombardi trophy to its town and can boast all throughout the year and nobody can take that away from them. Seattle residence definitely can bask in an incredible high off their flawless victory, while Denver fans may soak in the loss but may get so high they forgot about the incident all together, doubtful but you get the point. There are some rumors that even though Denver is the mile high city which has a great ring to it, that some of their buds get drier quicker because of the climate and while Seattle is still behind about six months compared to Colorado with a majority of policies regulations. You may be wondering why I’m not really referring to both of them as states instead of cities, that’s because in this situation they’re the ones that matter and are the two being compared to each other. Pros and cons come from both sides of the fence in this situation. Denver can provide easier access to caregivers letting them grow up to 200 plants while Seattle is much more limited with only six. Then you realize Seattle has delivery services from dispensaries that can almost compare to Jimmy Johns when it comes to arrival speed, while people in Colorado have no choice but to leave the house and go to a shop or wait on the typically slow dealer.

[quote_right]Denver has been regarded as the “New Amsterdam”, while most of us are still waiting for our states to be called the “New Washington” or “New Colorado”[/quote_right]

Which city is on top, well of course if you’re going by an NFL game there’s no question but as overall cities, they both fair very well next to each other if you’re not comparing them to that game. Denver and Seattle are among the top places to live on recent polls and surveys and according to my research are also top 10 best places for my major which is the field of accounting. One has a Super Bowl title for the year, one has a better satisfaction of living according to the people. All said and done I’d move to either city if I had the option to, which actually may be coming up soon. Let’s be honest unless you’re in California, these are the two prime places to be. Smoking on your front porch without cops harassing you is still the best feeling in the world and nothing will change that. Denver has been regarded as the “New Amsterdam“, while most of us are still waiting for our states to be called the “New Washington” or “New Colorado“.