Arriving at Green House Kitchen, next to the Green House coffeeshop on Haarlemmerstraat, peeking inside will reveal a bio-organic, hipsteresque restaurant you are bound to find plentiful in cities like Amsterdam, but could very well be in New York too. And that’s where the strength of this concept comes into play.

While there have been attempts by coffeeshops to serve food for their munchies seeking customers, there have only been a few coffeeshops successfully been able to do so. But unless your date is a smoker too, you won’t easily take them to a coffeeshop. But a Vape and Dine? More likely. In fact, hungry people seeking to still their needs, filled up the rest of the restaurant with many of them new to the concept of vaping.

Green House Kitchen tasting menu
The menu for the evening. Picture: The Stoned Society

To Vape and Dine, you’re not required to vape cannabis. Passionflower, Rosemary, Thyme, Lime Leaf and Peppermint were available to vape too, in addition to the Pure Kush, Lavender Kush and Super Lemon Haze cannabis strains. Normally, you’ll have to bring your own cannabis, but for this evening we were the lucky few.

Picture: Vaposhop
Picture: Vaposhop

And so I decided to sit down somewhere in the middle of the table, next to one of the two VapeXhale vaporizers available for the evening. We’re currently in the middle of a VapeXhale review ourselves, so it was a pleasant surprise to find a familiar device.

Of course, it wouldn’t take long before we fired it up and started sampling some of the available herbs.

Picture: Vaposhop
Picture: Vaposhop

In the short introduction that followed before we started off with the appetizers, we were explained the concept and the multiple diet options. While a meat lover will be able to still it’s hunger with one of the meat or fish dishes, vegetarians, vegans and even gluten free options are available if that is what you please.

Personally, I stuck to the vegetarian option, skipping meat and fish dishes.

Included below is a slideshow of some of the dishes that were consumed throughout the evening (pictures by Vaposhop).

Having spend the evening vaping, eating, drinking and sharing a laugh with colleagues and friends, it was somewhere after the main course I found myself feeling the atmosphere in the room.

For a moment, I was engulfed by the high faces and happy smiles around me.

Green House Kitchen overview
Picture: Vaposhop


To conclude, I very much enjoyed this evening and the Vape and Dine concept.

The whole experience, felt like something from the 21st century

While I’ve had dinner at a coffeeshop before, this experience stands out in that there was no rolling of joints going on. No ashtrays required, tobacco flying around and the general mess that goes with smoking cannabis. And while I’m not a big fan of mixing cannabis with other herbs (the Pure Kush was too good for that), I believe this concept is a solid attempt at changing the way not only we, but also the mainstream looks at cannabis consumption. The whole experience, felt like something from the 21st century, whereas coffeeshops are a thing of the 20th century and thus (perhaps) the past.

I too hope we will see this concept being exploited by entrepreneurs in other places. There’s a law against smoking inside, but there was no smoke to be found, just vapor.

Last but not least, I would like to thank Vaposhop and Azarius for the invite and Green House Kitchen for this wonderful evening. If you’re in Amsterdam and looking for a place to eat, you now know where to be: Haarlemmerstraat 62, 1013 ES, Amsterdam.