We are living in a world that continues to keep on piling problem [1], on problem [2] and where problems are solved, others pop up [3]. The news becomes unbearable and you feel overwhelmed. You realize what is really going on and each time you go down the rabbit hole of a problem [4], it traces back to one thing: money [5].

The news becomes unbearable and you feel overwhelmed

To actually make change, people under a democratic government will often look to their government as a starting point to try and solve one of these problems they care about. Whether it’s gay rights [6], marijuana legalization [7], the corruption of money in politics [8] itself, net neutrality [9], health care [10], the war on drugs [11], the list goes on.

To address these issues, especially when you are talking about American politics, there is money required to buy influence: lobbying [12]. This in itself however has proven to attract corruption. Which is also in the nature of humans. Humans are weird [13] and can have knowingly or unknowingly have bad intentions.

When you figure out the monetary system and look at the rising inequality [14] in the world between the 1% and the rest of the world, you start to question this piece of paper you and me all call money and consider it to have value which in exchange can be used to buy goods.

People look a the recent buyouts of the banks, find out about inflation, the Federal Bank [15], the housing bubble and the economic crash that followed and keep finding out that at the root of this problem they found: money.

So what’s the alternative?

What you seem to forget and realize is we are now seeing the first generations growing up that do not know the difference between a world with and without internet

Well for one, there is cryptocurrency like Bitcoin [16] (and Potcoin! [17]). You get rid of the central bank and everyone is suddenly his or her own bank. But when you talk about cryptocurrency, you really are talking about the internet.

Without the internet, it is clear cryptocurrency wouldn’t exist. But people didn’t have this option before the internet.

And I can already hear you thinking, oh here’s another youth that thinks he knows the solution to everything. That young liberal that you can see in every generation that has been before.

But what you seem to forget and realize is we are now seeing the first generations growing up that do not know the difference between a world with and without internet.

Artwork by Peyote Coyote
Artwork by Peyote Coyote

And I believe we have a lot to thank the internet for [18]. It is this magnificent, magic place where people are able to exchange information in a split second from everywhere in the world to everywhere in the world.

But hypothetically, try to stay with me here because nobody is able to predict the future but we have our imagination, what if we would go down this path. To consider it to be one of the possibilities.

To really make a change, we first need to secure what would make all of this possible: the internet. And is why I care so deeply about net neutrality. With the internet, cryptocurrency are able to flourish and we’re able to change the percentages a little, take back what is rightfully ours. If we would invest this money in politics, there would only be one way really: to run on a single issue that is to reform politics as a whole. Government would still exist but people sitting somewhere in a city thousand of miles away from your home wouldn’t be able to make these decisions that they often have little knowledge about, that impact real people’s lives in a harmful way. Government instead should shift to a local approach [19], to be the government of the people, for the people. Give back the people, communities to make decisions on their own. Borders would fade, people would learn how trust one another again, reconnect. Government on a national level would be there to connect these various communities. Because together we are able to achieve much more. It’s one of the potential roads the European Union [20] could take, one united Europe with all these individual countries and communities so that they are at some point perhaps able to “compete” with the US and China. The thing is, this is still a very much “we versus them” approach and is incredibly slow if you consider by 2040, projections are China will have 70% of the world’s wealth [21] in its hands. The Western world would for the first time have to “bow” to Asia. Which actually wouldn’t necessary be a bad thing.

So what if the Western world with its current wealth would consider a basic income [22] to be ahead of this “singularity” [23] future [24] in which thanks to automation [25] and globalization [26], there will be no job left to do for humans as robots have taken our place because they are simply better at it and are cheaper. There would be no way to earn money anymore doing honest work and people would have to seek alternatives.

Having gone down this path I often felt pessimistic, but in the end realize there is still hope and we should remain (or start) to be optimistic

I could ramble on about basic income but the links will do it for me [27]. Instead, while I’m considered a supporter of basic income, I still realize the root of the problems I’ve talked about before is still there: money. But what if money was no object? [28] How would you really enjoy spending your life? That’s what you should be asking yourself.

Having gone down this path I often felt pessimistic, but in the end realize there is still hope and we should remain (or start) to be optimistic.

I put hope out of the possibility of a global consciousness change [29]. But that is only possible if we are able to get out of this dream world and return to reality. We need to wake up [30] out of our deep sleep. To stop performing in this play we call real life in which we perform acts [31] . We act like the father, the soldier, the lawyer, the farmer, the stoner (oops…), but I argue we should stop performing all the time [32] and just cut out the noise by turning off the TV, stop reading newspapers and magazines and spend our precious time on the internet efficiently.

To achieve such a thing would be rather difficult. Changes of perspectives brought on at small scale by cannabis [33], on a larger scale by psychedelics [34] but could also be achieved without [35], could bring people back to life. They are tools, but not necessary as the legalization of marijuana [36] and the legalization of MDMA [37] (currently the psychedelic drug that could potentially be legalized for therapeutic use in the near future) still require to rely on politics and thus money. Luckily you don’t need much of a psychedelic substance for it to be impossible to finance and for it to be effective. As egos fade and people reconnect with themselves [38], other people, animals, nature, the whole universe really and we are able to wake up from this sleep by disconnecting from this world of TV, newspapers and magazines [39] as a way to achieve a state in which you can no longer be manipulated, no longer be controlled by fear [40] and stress you already have enough in your daily life as we are all just trying to survive. We would go back to the basis and clean our slate, hit the reset button [41] and start trusting each other again [42] sending out love and starting to listen to each other again.

Of course that’s easier said than done. Besides, while I consider myself in the process of waking up [43], I’m only a 22-year-old writing this to you from a student room, publishing this article on a website that’s actually called “The Stoned Society” (the name is indeed a pun on the sleeping society. We’re just the ones seeking mind altering drugs to help us achieve to wake up is what I like to think) where we even dare to serve you news. I would prefer not to but this is my job currently and I too have to try and survive. I know nothing compared to what there is to know and am trying to get a message across through a website which in itself is a very dull experience. Unless you came here to read a long and interesting piece like you would read a book. And that’s not even taking account all the links I’ve put in here. But most of you won’t even have gotten this far because they got here “by accident” and will have returned to their dream world in which they are actors, sleeping while at the same time can live a considered fulfilling happy life while they are unaware they are asleep in a seemingly comfortable life. Perhaps even married, unhappily and unaware they are able to walk out of this marriage and return back at a later time to see things have changed and they can get on with their lives.

Artwork by Peyote Coyote
Artwork by Peyote Coyote

So now that those people are gone, let’s get to business.

But I must warn you, don’t expect a solution from me.

One person is not capable of this, certainly not me. Others might be on the right track with ideas like a Resource Based Economy [44] and more humane philosophies [45].

Instead, what I hope to do with this article, is to inspire at least two people who will in turn inspire at least two people causing a ripple effect that will continue spreading and help towards the global consciousness change there is required if we really want to do something about the destruction [46] of this precious [47], heaven-like place [48], we call earth [49] on which human life is possible [50], thanks to overpopulation, global warming, inequality and what have you. But it takes effort and courage, because we are not used to express our feelings directly and to talk about this with these other actors.

But there is a place and a time for everything. Because we’re a free human individuals in charge of our own decisions. Right?

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I have much to thank the cannabis plant for, but it all couldn’t have happened without the help of “just” some mushrooms…

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