Grow Report: AK Automatic (Spliff Seeds)


After a full grow and cure, Spliff Seeds’ Ak Automatic produces potent flowers from start to finish in less than 90 days. As one of the most ‘hardy’ strains I have yet to come by, Ak Automatic stayed free of pests and diseases with minimum maintenance. The advantages of growing an auto flowerer are surfaced in this strain, exemplifying how they can still have a decent amount of potency.

Strain Information

Type: 60% Indica
Yield: 40-80 gr/plant
Height: 0.50-0.80m
Flower Time:  9-10 weeks
THC: Medium
Genetics: Ruderalis x Northern Light x Santa Maria x Blueberry x Afghani

The cannabis seeds arrived professionally packaged in very good timing. The added information within the packaging is a very nice touch from Spliff Seeds.

Setup Details

Grow System: Indoor, 3 gallon pots under HID

Medium:  Coco Coir Potting Mix

Nutrient Range & Additivies: Advanced nutrients, Molasses, Sea Green & Kelp Logic from Beneficial Biologics

Lighting: 600w HID Ballast – High Pressure Sodium bulb for both growth stage and flowering stage

Temp & Humidity Control: 2 fans open door and window for intake and outake of air. Humidity remained between 35-50% (generally low)

Other: The plants were grown in a relatively large room for the amount of plants in the room. Foliar sprays, and safer soap sprays 4x each thoughout the life cycle. Dried out 1 week before harvest, kept light at 20/4 and changed my mind in last month to 18/6 (this strain is not photodependent anyway)


Grow Report

IMG_1478Fresh out of germination I noticed trichomes on the 1st set of baby leaves. Every cannabis seed germinated, 2 died in the first week due to over stretching from being too far from the fluorescent light which was entirely my own fault for not balancing the light distribution.

At the the end of the second week after germination I IMG_1653put them under a 600w light at 50% load for one week before going to 100%. I kept the light cycle on 20/4 until the last 3 weeks (18/6 then 12/12 last 3 days) to have less of an impact on my power bill. 2 light cycle slip ups seemed to have no impact on any of the plants with no hermaphrodites; just 100% female cannabis seeds.

IMG_1790They started showing their sex as early as week 3 and went into a rapid ripening stage at week 7 and 8. The Ak Automatic had little space between the nodes, very solid top flowers, few side branches, and an ecstasy inducing odor. I chose coco coir as the medium because I water nearly every day. The pots with rocks and pearlite on the IMG_2030bottom for drainage did produce some of the heavier plants. They thrived with a very simple nutrient plan with advanced nutrients (switched to bloom after seeing pistils) and Beneficial Biologics’ Sea Green the entire life cycle with some blackstrap molasses for the community of microorganisms.

As much as I like to quantify much of a grow, I let the plants and the microorganisms take care of themselves and they did very well. Without knowledge of the ppm in my nutrient solution, the pH (which is buffered by the microorganisms), and other measurements no problems emerged from this grow. As nice as it is to have so many measurements this strain is easy enough to grow without worrying so much about the numbers.



Smoke Report

IMG_2450030213The taste is mellow, a lovely hint of sweetness balanced with a smooth and subtle pine taste making it a simply pleasant smoke. The effects are outstanding after a 3 week cure in a mason jar. I was expecting a CBD heavy indica high although this hybrid strain does make it apparent there is some sativa within the genes. Psychedelic, energizing head highs in the morning lead to couch locked euphoria throughout the body at night, followed by great sleep.

I didn’t hit a ceiling with this Ak Automatic, although I have smoked myself to sleep on a late night to wake up still high. I feel very relaxed and the couch lock isn’t overwhelming in lower doses. The potency level is very nice because it can be such a smooth, ‘feel good’ hybrid without being too much. The THC is still certainly there. Ak Automatic does carry one of the most pleasant odors I’ve come by when growing and curing. A gentle breeze will remind you of its amazing aroma without overpowering the area.


As much as I have fallen for Autoflowering the biggest things that always come up when people ask me about autos is the inability to clone and the potency. If I took a clone of the seed that was the most potent, it would inherit the age of the mother. There was a little bit of variation throughout all the Ak Automatics and cloning isn’t a good a good option. As for potency, I couldn’t tell it just by looking in the jar or trying some it’s any photo dependent strain BUT it does have a tough look & feel as if its resilience to diseases are shown in its crystal covered beauty.


AK AutomaticThis is a great strain, I would do a few things different if I did it again like use the Sun. I’m certain I could of fed them more with the assistance of Sea green to break down the salts during the flowering period. They weren’t picky eaters at all. Foliar feedings and waterings almost every day because the room became bone dry in 3 days under 600w in coco coir coupled with a 80 degrees F. temperature. This strain could probably thrive in many unlikely situations. With the variations, its hard to say if 5 gallon pots were best although it would be interesting in a raised bed. The roots looked to like to grow down though but again with variations some pots were simply a mass of root formation.

With no intention to sell, and owning a scale means intent to sell where I am, I did not get anything weighed. Although even the bottom buds that I though were ‘fluff’ came out rock solid. Judging by eye and using mostly 3­5 gallon pots, it’s likely I got 14­2.1 grams per plant & over an ounce on one or two plants. Flowering is very rapid, this strain truly is a less than 90 day wonder.

Ak Automatic has many advantages to the grower while staying quite strong for the consumer. A high potential for medicinal value, great appetite stimulant, a very good anti anxiety and anti depressant (atleast for me), or simply lightening up and mellowing out.

If you want very decent bud in a short amount of time, you have a cold or harsh climate, stealth, or want an easy, forgiving strain to grow (perfect for beginners) I would highly recommend Spliff Seeds’ Ak Automatic.