Grow Report: Critical Kush (Barney’s Farm)


Critical Kush from Barney’s Farm. Pack of 5 seeds for €38 purchased directly from Barney’s Farm in Haarlemmerstraat , Amsterdam. Reviewed by @BoardStiffUK.

Strain Information

Type: Indica
Yield: 750gr/m2
Height: 80 – 90cm
Flower Time: 55-60 days
THC: 25%
CBD: 2.1%
Genetics: Critical Mass x O.G. Kush

Setup Details

Grow System: Atami Wilma Big 4 Pot system (4 x 20 litres), feed schedule regulated by 24 hour segmental timer

Medium: 36mm Rockwool cubes and clay pebbles

Nutrient Range & Additivies: Canna Aqua (Vega & Flores), Rhizotinic, CannaZym, PK 13/14, CannaBoost and Canna pH- Series (

Lighting: 400w HID Ballast – Metal Halide bulb for growth stage and Sodium bulb for flowering stage

Temp & Humidity Control: RVK 100mm extraction fan and carbon filter controlled using Prima fan speed controller

Other: 4 x air stones providing constant supply of oxygen to the nutrient solution, 1 x 6” fan providing air circulation directed at the lamp above the plants

Grow Report

Critical Kush - 001This was my first time growing Critical Kush since buying the seeds in Amsterdam back in August 2012. I bought the seeds whilst there on impulse after trying it for the first time and loving it. It’s a nice strong smoke with a nice indica punch that should satisfy the most hardcore of smokers. It has a slightly diesel smell to it but has a very smooth and enjoyable taste. I consider myself quite a heavy toker; the stronger the bud the better as far as I’m concerned so this one really ticks all my boxes.

In my last grow report on the Pineapple Chunk, I provided pretty detailed information on my feeding schedule so I won’t repeat myself again here but feel free to contact me if you’d like to know more.

Critical Kush - 002Grown from seed, the beans popped within 48 hours of germinating and then planted in Rockwool cubes and placed in a heated propagator under a 250W CFL (blue spectrum).

After a couple of weeks of rooting, the Rockwool cube was transferred to my Wilma hydroponic system under 400W HID using a Metal Halide bulb. The growth on this seed was pretty vigorous; fast growing with strong healthy dark green leaves that would put other plants to shame. In comparison, the Critical Kush was being grown in the room side by side with some Kalashnikova plants and the differences were obvious and significant with the Critical Kush dominating on all fronts.

Critical Kush - 003I applied my usual techniques during the grow (i.e. support and training of branches, trimming and de-leafing lower stems and branches etc.) – I use a conical support frame to help encourage growth upwards, not outwards and this was filled in no time at all. As the grow progressed, I used netting to support the main stems and keep the kolas evenly distributed under the light. Given the volume and weight of flowers that develop, this is an absolute must for this strain as it produces really dense heavy nuggets of sticky, resin coated bud.

Critical Kush - 006

Critical Kush - 007

Critical Kush - 008

Overall grow time came in at 65 days, including 7 days of flushing with pure water at the end of the flowering period before harvest.

The buds were trimmed and rack dried for a total of 6 days before being boxed up for curing (UK Summer heat wave was drying the crop out too quickly so drying time was reduced compared to normal).

After 2 weeks of curing the first buds were ready for to be tested.

Critical Kush - 009


Critical Kush - 014The pungent diesel smell and Kush taste I first experienced in Amsterdam was present in my harvest and the smoke was as good as I remembered. The strength of this bud is one of my favourites and never fails to please. I’ve been smoking Critical Kush only now for 2 weeks and so far the potency isn’t wearing off in any way as does with some other strains I find. The smell of the smoke is truly first class, so much so that my neighbours reported it to the police as it was so strong! With more time curing, this bud is only going to get better and better.

For more pictures, click through here and make sure to check out my instagram profile @BoardStiffUK!