Grow Report: Kalashnikova (Greenhouse Seeds)


Kalashnikova from Greenhouse Seeds. Reviewed by @BoardStiffUK.

Strain Information

Type: Indica
Yield: 750gr/m2
Flower Time: 56 days
THC: 15.44%
CBD: 0.17%
Genetics: AK-47 x White Widow

Grow Report

Kalashnikova - 001I’m not going to go into full details of the grow in this article as it is already covered in my grow report for Critical Kush as these plants were grown together at the same time.

It is worth noting that all 3 plants were cuttings from 1 mother which was grown from seed. The development of the cuttings was quite slow compared to other strains but formed well and displayed good characteristics if a little weak / underdeveloped.

Kalashnikova - 004


Kalashnikova - 005I’ve never had a plant go hermaphrodite on me before but for some reason all 3 of my cuttings produced a small amount of seeds in the final product.

I’m not sure if this was due to me stressing the plants too much at some stage, light creep or whether it was just bad luck with the mother plant I was using but either way it put a bit of a downer on the finished product. Also, the yield was exceptionally low compared to what should be expected (approx. 150g after drying and curing from all 3 plants) compared to my average yield of 125g – 150g per plant.

Kalashnikova - 006Still with that in mind, the final flavour and aroma was off the scale. A beautiful smelling flower that just looking at it you know it’s going to be something special and strong. Very sticky and absolutely coated in resin it’s a stunning looking bud. It’s got a real heavy hit to it when smoked that lasts but a smooth burn with no harsh affect on the lungs; strong enough to give you couch lock if you’re a light or moderate user!

This is one the strongest strains that the Greenhouse Seed Co. produce and if that’s what you’re after you won’t be disappointed. I’d never even seen let alone Kalashnikova - 007smoked Kalashnikova before; my decision to grow was based purely on advertised THC strength and potential yield so I have no way of making a comparison to the final outcome. It’s never been on the menu on any of my visits to Amsterdam previously and it’s pretty much an unheard of strain where I’m from but I thoroughly enjoyed it as did my friends who just wanted more and more.

Kalashnikova - 008

Unfortunately, this was the only seed I had left so unless I buy some new beans I doubt I’ll be growing this one again in the near future. I’m pretty confident that with a good phenotype being selected as a mother plant, I would have a much better result in the future. The next grow from Greenhouse Seeds is going to be Hawaiian Snow once I’ve used up my current seed reserves. Stay tuned for that one as I’m expecting (or at least hoping for) big things!

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