Grow Report: Snow White (Spliff Seeds)


Snow White (Northern Lights Special x White Widow x Cinderella 99) from Spliff Seeds. Grow report by Bzo.

Strain Information

Type: 80% Indica
Yield: 500-600 gr/m2
Height: 0.60-0.80m
Flower Time:  8-9 weeks
THC: High
Genetics: Northern Lights Special x White Widow x Cinderella 99

Setup Details

Grow System: Top drip recirculating 20 gallon (76L) reservoir automated via 24hr HydroFarm timer pushing single pump along with circulating pump to keep water movement
and air stone for oxygenationx

Medium: Coco Perlite mix 1:2, Worm Castings added at final transplant 2cups/15L container

Nutrients: General Hydroponics: Flora Nova 2part, Flora 3part, Flora Blend, Liquid Kool Bloom, Floraliciuos Plus, Subculture M, Subculture B; ph adjusted with GH’s Up and Down

Lighting: T-8 40watt Fluorescents used in vegetative growth, 1000w Galaxy Digital Ballast pushing 1000w Oshio HPS bulb in Sun System Hood air cooled with a Eco Plus 8” inline fan

Climate Control: Central A/C digital thermostat set to 72F(22C), 20”(50.8cm) oscillating fan, 8”(20.3cm) oscillating fan with CO2 line injection

Grow Report

Five Spliff Seeds Snow White cannabis seeds were germinated in a damp folded paper towel. Paper towel was placed on a plate and placed in a dark cupboard at 78F (25.5C). Germination occurred within 2days as the tap roots penetrated the shells. After 3days in the damp towel, the germinated seeds were placed root down shallowly into 8oz(236.5ml) Styrofoam cups filled with a coco perlite mix. The Styrofoam cups are punctured at the bottom and sides to allow for proper drainage. This 1:2 coco perlite mix was flushed with RO water and then watered with a mild growth formula.

For the entire grow and bloom cycle General Hydroponics 2part Flora Nova and 3part Flora Series are used along with GH’s supplements. The mild growth formula was adjusted to 600ppm and 6.2 ph. When mixing the mild growth formula it consists of 4parts of the given nutrients to the 10gallons (38L) of RO water. The five cups consisting of the five germinated seeds are placed on a tray with a humidity dome and put under 24hrs of fluorescent T-8 40watt bulbs.

All 5 seedlings rose out of the soil after 24hrs. Seedling 1 showed the least growth with the seed pod still present, seedling 2 was tallest out however still had its seed pod, seedling 3 had the seed pod on as well, seedling 4 showed the most growth with the seed pod released and the first true set of leaves showing and seedling 5 also with seed pod released and first set of true leaves showing.

One week from germination all 5 plants have sprouted beyond 2” (5.1cm) in height and wire supports are added to insure the top heavy sprouts do not fall over and bend their fragile stems. Plants are still under a humidity dome receiving 24hrs of light with a temperature range from 76F (24C) to 80F (26C). The humidity dome was removed at day eight as leaf growth increased enough to allow for more photosynthesis to occur.

Day 10 and #1 showing stunted first leaf set, #2 showing asymmetrical stunted first leaf set, #3 showing symmetrical nice growth on first leaf set, #4 showing symmetrical lush first leaf set, and #5 showing largest first leaf set however slightly asymmetrical with a curve.

By day 13 a second set of leaves are present from all plants however the growth seems to be all leaf, so plants look cabbage like, no internodal growth.

Twenty days since germination and plants are growing just fine. I still have them under 24 hrs of T-8 40 watt fluorescent lighting receiving 600 ppm mild growth formula from GH’s flora and flora nova series. Plants are showing nice green, short and fat tri pedaled leaves with a slight twist to them.

At day 24 I moved the plants into the veg room where they will start to receive 18hrs light and 6hrs darkness. The nutrient solution remains the same but temperatures drop to 68F (20C) to 70F (21C), as I move into winter months and the grow room is only heated by the many rows of fluorescent lights. Although not as harsh as being outdoor , the shift in temperature will cause growth to slow which in our case is fine because I am working these plants into an already full rotation and many other plants will need to be flowered prior to these five.

All five plants will also remain in the small 8oz (236.5ml) container to further more slow growth, so that when their time to go into flower they aren’t 6ft (1.8m) tall as ceiling height is limited. I am starting to see five pedaled leaves, trunks beginning to thicken, nice lush green growth, #5 seems to be outgrowing all with #1 being the slowest.

Day 37 and slow growth continues, girls are still 18hrs on and 6hrs off, in 8oz (236.5ml) styro cups of 1:2 coco perlite mix being fed GH 2prt flora nova and 3prt flora series nutrient solutions using a mild growth mixture from manufacturers’ feeding chart. I am purposely slowing their growth as much as possible waiting for space in the flower room.

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