Grow Report: Snow White (Spliff Seeds)



Day 58 I decide the ladies have had enough and I harvest the five plants. I harvest the ladies in the middle of the dark period cutting the plant at the base. Next I strip all the fan leaves and hang for next few days.

Once finished hanging I cut the nugs and colas off of the main stalks and put into tubs for curing. After a few days I begin to manicure all the colas, buds and nugs up for patients.

Plant #1 finished at 41”(104.1cm) a 21”(53.3cm) stretch and yielded 3 ounces (84g).

Plant #2 finished at 45”(114.3cm) a 24”(60.9cm) stretch and yielded 2 ounces (56g).

Plant #3 finished at 44”(111.7cm) a 27”(68.5cm) stretch and yielded 3 ounces 27 grams (111g).

Plant #4 finished at 40”(101.6cm) a 15”(38.1cm) stretch and yielded 5 ounces 10 grams (150g).

Plant #5 finished at 47”(119.4cm) a 23”(58.4cm) stretch and yielded 3 ounces 3 grams (87g).

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