Grow Report: Snow White (Spliff Seeds)



Final product turned out beautiful. Flowers from four of the five appeared to be very similar and uniform. The one exception turned out an amazing looking flower however not consistent with others in size, bud formation, and appearance. Overall very frosty light green nugs with light reddish hairs.

Buds all smelled very similar and I could definitely pick out the lineage white widow nose, fruity and pungent. The relief that came with this medicine was energetic and uplifting which through research I believe comes from the Cinderella 99 lineage. Test results on these five plants revealed levels of THC to range from 11%(#2) to 14%(#3) with minimal CBD levels.


Double thumbs up on the strain, yields were heavy, growth was easy, structure was sturdy, buds were frosty, taste was sweet woody with a tale hint of pine, head relief was eye opening uplifting and body relief was relaxing

Peace, I and I and one love. Bzo

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