LSD Marijuana Strain Review (Barney’s Farm)

What's the high like? How's the smell? The taste? You'll find out with these two strain reviews, one by the gardener himself (casual smoker) and one by the every day toker.

LSD bud

LSD Marijuana Strain Review (Barney’s Farm)

Type: Indica
Flowering time: 68 days
Yield: 600 g/m²
Environment: Indoor & outdoor
Effect /Buzz: euphoric, psychedelic
Smell/Taste: chestnut, musky
THC: 24%

Mr. Nice Guy (casual smoker)

What’s the high like?

LSD Marijuana StrainBarney’s Farm crossed an old skunk type with Mazar to create the strain called LSD. A name it has earned due to its powerful and trippy effect. I actually don’t know what the guys of barney’s farm had taken before smoking this strain, but it’s nothing more than a very high potent plant that makes you very stoned but not trippy at all. Good for lying on a couch very baked or to fall asleep.

Taste & Smell

I actually like the smell and taste pretty much, it’s sweet with a bit of melon flavor in it.

Mauro (Every day smoker)

What’s the high like?

A strain with this name and being the winner of the HIGH TIMES indica cup in 2008, has obviously very high expectations. It’s even described a being psychedelic.

Now first of all, this strain doesn’t make you trip, however it will get you very stoned. It’s one of the higher percentage wise Indica’s out there. First time we smoked it was during a vaporizer session on the Arizer Extreme Q , after which I mostly rolled it into joints late at night for the rest of the review. The Wappa strain we reviewed earlier didn’t have as much couchlock, this though is more the kind of strain you smoke while listening to Pink Floyd at 4 in the morning. And it’ll serve you well.

Taste and smell

While it’s one of the prettiest bud out there, the taste didn’t make much of an impact on me. The smell is good, but won’t blow you away like you might be expecting from the strain’s name and looks.

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