Smoke Report: CBD Nordle (CBD Crew)


What’s the high like? How’s the smell? The taste? You’ll find out by these 2 smoke reports, one by the gardener himself (casual smoker) and one by the every day toker.

Strain Information

Composition 80% Indica / 20% Sativa
Yield: 500 g/m2
Type: Feminized
Flower Time: 63 days
THC: 5.5%
CBD: 5.5%

Mr. Nice Guy (casual smoker)

What’s the high like?

The Nordle plant between her sisters
The Nordle plant between her sisters

The Nordle CBD is a strain that has properties that aren’t very common with most of the cannabis strains you see today. It has a relatively high percentage of CBD and a very low percentage of THC. This makes it a strain that isn’t really comparable to other types of cannabis I used to smoke. As you would expect, you won’t get very high from this weed but it gives you a really nice buzz. It makes me less tired than most other strains, but that’s probably due to the lower THC percentage.

Taste & Smell

The taste and smell aren’t very special, but not bad either. Just OK.

Mauro (Every day smoker)

What’s the high like?

20130912_215424As a recreational, every day smoker I prefer a high that lasts longer. Mostly because I’m not worried about couchlock. This strain didn’t bring what I’m looking for in a strain, except for a reasonable high, however, that’s less important with this strain since the focus lies in the fact this is a CBD plant. For those looking for a strain with medical values, the high is less important. Most patients seeking pain relief for actually want a plant with only CBD and no THC whatsoever.

Taste & smell

While the plant itself actually grew beautifully and turned out perfect, the smell wasn’t penetrating as some of the other strains are. However, if you’re looking for CBD in a plant, I can see how you would not find the smell important. The taste wasn’t anything new, but was all right.


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