Smoke Report: Y Griega


What’s the high like? How’s the smell? The taste? You’ll find out by these 2 smoke reports, one by a casual smoker and one by an every day toker.

Smoke Report

Type: Sativa
Flowering time: 90 days
Yield: 500 g/m²
Environment: Indoor/Outdoor
Effect /Buzz: Energy, alertness, relaxation
Smell/Taste: Classic Haze scent
THC: 27%

Mauro (daily toker)

What’s the high like?

This strain on average manages to produce 27% THC, which definitely makes it one of the strongest strains out there. Which you’ll notice immediately. When I was working on this review, I was obviously smoking this one and quite the opposite, the LSD strain which is 24% THC, but an indica strain. Smoking this one at daytime gave me the head high which is preferred so you are still able to do your tasks. However, I can imagine smoking this strain as a casual smoker and this will tend to give more of a stoned feeling.

When it’s really late however, I do prefer switching to an indica or a hybrid like White Widow or Northern Light (or the LSD I was reviewing too at the moment) to get into more of a stoned state of mind just before I go to bed.

Taste and smell

Arguably the best I’ve yet had the privilege to smell and smoke. The taste is okay, but has a lesser impact compared to the smell.


Maarten (casual smoker)

What’s the high like?

My first encounter with Y Griega was after a longer period without marijuana usage. This was highly noticeable. With its steep THC content, it didn’t take long for the high to make place for a deeply stoned state of mind. There was a clear case of couch lock, followed by very deep (not too restful) sleep. In recurring use, the high lasts quite a bit longer; whilst productivity can be decent when you start smoking, a couple of joints/blunts later you can merely relax and watch something.

Taste & Smell

The Y Griega’s smell is quite similar to a good Haze, quite sweet, even a bit minty – And that’s a very good smell at that. The taste was not as interesting as the smell, it did not leave an impression

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