White Gold Marijuana Strain Review (Sensi Seeds)

How do you grow White Gold? What's the high like? How's the smell? The taste? Find out in this extensive White Gold Marijuana Strain Review!


White Gold is a very special breed of cannabis – a mostly-Indica hybrid, producing sweet, syrupy resin and an excellent yield. White Gold’s dense flower formation is enhanced with a unique fruity aroma and backed up by Indica power. These seeds have Sativa in their breeding history which adds a pleasant ‘up’ to the high. Like many Indica-dominant strains, leaves and flowers can turn purple in low temperatures. 

Strain Information

Type: 40% Sativa, 60% Indica
Yield: XXL
Height: Average
Flower Time: Short (55-65 days)

Growing Conditions:


  • 250 Watt lightbulb for the growing cycle
  • 400 Watt hps light for blooming


  • 2 plants with 15 litres of Plagron Light-mix with perlite
  • 2 plants with 15 litres of Plagron Light-mix with perlite + Biotabs
  • 2 plants have all the nutrients that are included in the Biotabs Starter Kit.
  • 2 plants have to be content with our regular nutrients; Atami BCUZZ terra


Germinated Marijuana seed

The White Gold seeds were germinated on wet toilet paper.

We put a dampened layer of toilet paper on a dish and positioned the seeds on top of it.

Afterwards, we put another wet layer on top of the seeds and placed another dish on top of it to make sure that the humidity level stays very high.


  • 1.2m x 0.7m x 1.5m

1 meter = 3.2808399 feet (1 feet 3⅜ inches)

After a few days, the seedlings emerged from the growing medium. We switched the lightbulb on right away and are leaving it on steady for the next couple of weeks.

Grow Report

The White Gold grow report is divided into 12 separate parts, with about a week difference between each.

Smoke Report

White Gold is a very potent Indica I’ve been enjoying for the past couple of months, and it’s been a good couple of months.

What’s the high like?

white gold marijuana strain reviewFor this White Gold marijuana strain review I was able to try White Gold in the Verdamper vaporizer and the Ascent vaporizer, in addition to joints (with & without tobacco) I can tell you it can go either way depending on your mood or how you feel like any strain of marijuana. But this strain manages to bring you, in the right setting and mood, to extreme, euphoric highs. I took some White Gold to a festival and, I can speak for my friends too, White Gold was able to bring our already elevated energy levels to an even higher level.

Then when you roll it up back at the camping this’ll get you the opposite, that relaxed stoned feeling.

In case of the vaporizers, I found the same although the high would last longer (sometimes up to an hour or more after one session) and even when enjoying the session alone, it didn’t really get me stoned. More of a focused high.

Combine that high with a coffee and do a simple task like doing the dishes, and you’ll find yourself easing through the otherwise not very enjoyable task.

Taste and smell

While the taste didn’t really make an impact on me personally, I found the smell to be one to remember. The smell is poignant, hazy like and when you’re growing it, could make some heads turn. So make sure to use a carbon filter of some sort when you’re growing marijuana indoors!

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