Cannabis in Colombia: What You Need To Know

Cannabis News Network went down to Colombia to show the current state of medical cannabis in an exclusive 3 part documentary series.


Did you know cannabis in Colombia is decriminalised up to 20 plants and 20 grams possession? And medical cannabis in Colombia is legalised?

That and more you learn in the latest Cannabis News Network 3 part documentary series ‘Colombia Gold

Cannabis in Colombia

In the first episode embedded above, they tackle politics and laws while in the second and third episode, they take a closer look at medical cannabis licenses and the consequences of the new laws for the indigenous population.

it is clear Colombia is moving on from it’s failed War on Drugs

It is interesting to note Colombia’s medical cannabis legislation also includes the possibility of export licenses, which has already seen a wave of big players in the world of legal cannabis production. But you also see a lot of former pharmaceutical, tobacco and DEA board members. Surprisingly…

Whatever it is, it is clear Colombia is moving on from it’s failed War on Drugs.

The three part series called Colombia Gold features a wide variety of experts including Martin Jelsma (Transnational Institute), Andrés López (Director National Narcotics Control), Ricardo Vargas (Director de Acción Andina Colombia), Diana Paola Valenzuela (Institute of Studies for Development and Peace), Julian Caicedo (Anandamida Gardens) and more.

Read the full story at Cannabis News Network. And here’s a playlist with the complete series.