Dutch Labour party to ask parliamentary questions regarding legalisation


The spokeswoman regarding Drug Policy, Marith Rebel (Labour party), has asked the Minister of Security and Justice a series of questions about the possibility to legalise marijuana in the Netherlands.

20130521_181117Earlier questions regarding legalisation in the Netherlands were dismissed, arguing international politics would not allow it. Now Uruguay is going to legalise marijuana, pro-marijuana groups in the Netherlands argue it’s time for change .The Netherlands used to be one of the most liberal countries, but now has to catch up if it wants to continue to be regarded as one of the leading countries in terms of drug policy.

The PDF which lists the questions has been linked to in the source, but is in Dutch. However, we took the time to translate the questions to English.

Question 1

Are you familiar with the articles “Reguleer ook de inkoop van wiet” (translated: “Also regulate procurement of weed” 1) and the article“Verandert wietwet Uruguay de mondiale drugsaanpak?” (translated: “Does Uruguay’s weed law change global drug policy?”) 2)

Question 2

Do you share the view, that has been voiced in the NRC newspaper article, the Dutch drug policy is hypocritical for criminalizing growing cannabis and selling it to coffeeshops? If so, which conclusions do you draw from it? If not, do you acknowledge there is a problem between forbidding coffeeshops to buy cannabis and allowing them, subject to strict conditions, to sell cannabis?

Question 3

Do you agree with the authors of the NRC article there has been an increase of decriminalizing and legalisation initiatives around the world? If not, why not and in which of the countries summed up by the article is there no decriminalization?

Question 4

Do you share the view of the Trimbos-institute employees that countries with a repressive drug policy experience more problems than countries with a liberal policy? If so, what does that mean for the soft-drugs policy in the Netherlands? If not, why not?

Question 5

Are you able in your report, which has been committed to the House regarding the relation between legalising cannabis cultivation and international policy, to explicitly address the relation between the Uruguayan bill regarding cultivation for personal use or in cannabis clubs to the relevant international treaties?