Dutch police fails in combating organized marijuana cultivation

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According to research done by Dutch news website RTL Nieuws, the Dutch police and the Public Prosecutor are failing in combating organized marijuana cultivation. The amount of marijuana cultivation farms is not decreasing the last couple of years and they have failed bringing in the top criminals responsible for leading the organizations. 

Average of 30.000 marijuana cultivation farms deployed at any time

In 2012, a total of 5424 marijuana cultivation farms were destroyed, close to what they have been able to destroy in 2011.

At any time, they predict at least 30.000 illegal marijuana cultivation farms are deployed in the Netherlands. Most of which are deployed in rental homes and raise fire security concerns in cities with a high density of illegal marijuana cultivation farms.

The goal of the Minister of Security and Justice to have a visible impact on the organized marijuana cultivation in the Netherlands is clearly lacking any kind of evidence. The other goal of bringing in the leaders behind these criminal organizations has failed as well. Compared with 2010, there has been a 50% decrease in the amount of organized marijuana cultivation related jail sentences of one year or longer: from 41 in 2010 to 22 last year.

In a reaction to the news the Minister of Security and Justice said there has been an increase of ongoing investigations.

There is a need for change in policy and it’ll be interesting to hear his response to the questions from Marith Rebel (Labour Party). The spokeswoman for Drug Policy has raised parliamentary questions to possibly legalize marijuana.

Back in April, we already reported a Dutch police report had been leaked which concluded fighting cannabis fails. Dutch police lacks the manpower required to solve the problem and results in other (arguably more important) cases getting less or no attention.