The High Friday Journal | Week 20

The High Friday Journal is the weekly newsletter from The Stoned Society.

High Friday Journal

It’s Friday! Which means it’s time for another High Friday Journal and catching up with The Stoned Society.

We’re already on to Part 6 of our Automatic Cannabis Seeds Grow Off, following 5 different Automatic Strains on their way to be smoked. Since publication of part 6, we can already reveal that they’ve started flowering. So look forward to Part 7 this Monday!

On Tuesday we continued with another edition of the Amsterdam Edible Review. This week, Space Brownies by Amsterdam Edible Connection available at Coffeeshop Bagheera.

Wednesday we published our review of the Flowermate S50 Portable Oil Device. If you’re looking to dab on the go, it might just be the right, affordable vaporizer you were looking for.

Thursday we published a piece on banking problems that don’t only exist in the United States’ cannabis industry, but also in Europe’s cannabis industry.

Other than that, there’s little to note. We’re busy helping to organize Cannabis Liberation Day in Amsterdam which is coming up on June 11th.

It’s free and well worth visiting. Check out the Cannabis Liberation Day website and hopefully see you there!