Of course, this guide could apply to Cannabis Social Clubs and cannabis dispensaries too.

1. Use the Leafly app to look up strains while in the queue

If you’re in the queue and can see the menu already, try and look up some of the strains on Leafly first. Because the Coffeeshop supply chain is unregulated, some make a habit out of coming up with generic names or putting up a name themselves. If it’s at least a common strain, you sort off know already what to expect.

2. Don’t rush your purchase

Customer is king. Take your time. You’re going to leave money behind and are going to smoke or vape what they’re selling. Might as well be something good. Budtender becomes annoyed? See point 3.

3. Mention if it’s your first time visiting the Coffeeshop

There’s many other coffeeshops where you can take your time, so you can also decide to not purchase something

If you mention it’s your first time visiting the coffeeshop, the budtender will more likely open up and explain what’s on the menu. Often times, they know shit too though. It’s not uncommon to find non-smokers to be budtenders. When taking your time, you’ll most likekly feel pressure from the next customer to hurry up. But don’t worry about it. Do worry if the budtender tries to rush you. There’s many other coffeeshops where you can take your time, so you can also decide to not purchase something.

4. Be friendly

This one’s simple. A little kindness goes a long way. And if you’re being friendly and still treated like shit, you can actually leave the premises without buying anything.

5. Ask to smell and see your purchase beforehand

But don’t touch the herbs…

6. If you’ve never encountered hash, try some pollum

It’s usually the second kind of hash of a slightly better quality than the cheap Maroc they tend to sell. It’s pressed kief, usually from Morocco, made from landraces. Because of this, they have a much better ratio of THC:CBD. And are actually quite nice.

7. Take caution with edibles

The entire supply chain of a coffeeshop is unregulated. This goes for edibles too. Sometimes, you can find cookies that do nothing. Other times, you’ll find something that would probably better be split by several people. Like the Trippy Hot Chocolate you can find at coffeeshop 1e Hulp. My advice is to at least bring it home or to your hotel before trying it, you may want to lie down… Or better, share it with two (or even four) people.

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8. Locals know shit

Sounds harsh, but it’s true. The average coffeeshop customer is arguably even less informed than their foreign customer counter parts. Whereas you can of course ask around what people like and prefer, it doesn’t mean it’s what you’re looking for. Especially if you’re a non tobacco user.

9. Do not cause a nuisance

Coffeeshops really are lucky to even still exist. In part, because they take nuisance inside (dealing cannabis) that would usually end up on the streets. As such, don’t cause any problems inside, nor outside.

10. There are no dabs

Lastly, a reminder that dabs (or hash oil), aren’t available at coffeeshops. You might find some in one or two coffeeshops, but using a dabrig inside a coffeeshop is usually a no-go. Besides, unless you bring one yourself, you won’t find available dabrigs at coffeeshops.

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