Irish Cannabis Regulation Bill


Cannabis could theoretically be legal in Ireland the evening of November 6th. In 2 days, the bill will be officially released to the press, but we received an exclusive almost finished version for which we got permission to publish.

Irish Cannabis: The Road to Regulation

On the 6th of November 2013, The Cannabis Regulation Bill 2013 will be presented to the Dáil chamber by Independent TD Luke “Ming” Flanagan – Roscommon and South Leitrim. This bill will be debated by TD’s to reform the Irish drug laws that affect the botanical plant, genus cannabis.

The bill itself, which can be read (and downloaded through the source) below, includes the following:

  • Decriminalising personal possession up 28g (one ounce)
  • Allowing licensed citizens to grow cannabis plants
  • Developing large-scale cannabis and hemp farms
  • Manufacturing and developing medicinal cannabis compounds
  • Introducing cannabis medicine to the HSE program
  • Detailed rules for production, distribution and quality control

More details regarding the Bill, including what you can do to help, can be found here.

UPDATE October 24, 2013

Cannabis Regulation Bill 2013 Publicly Unveiled

UPDATE 2, October 24, 2013

Bill updated to most recent version with explanatory