Italian city of Turin votes in favor of legalizing cannabis

Between the two rivers, from Porta Palazzo to San Salvario, from Barriera to San Mauro: the crackdown by police has characterized the lives of smokers in Turin so far. But something has changed on January 13rd.


The city council of the Italian city of Turin has approved a motion in favor of legalizing cannabis on Tuesday, becoming the first major city in Italy to make the proposal to allow marijuana to be prescribed for medical reasons.

In simple words , the city council decided to represent the idea of a large part of the population and has now approved two agendas.

According to its first part, the use of marijuana is permitted for therapeutic and medical purposes.

The second part of the proposal overrules the restrictive 2006 Fini-Giovanardi law on drugs, which abolishes any distinction between soft and hard drugs and introduces the same penalties for possession/use of cannabis and heroin (or cocaine).

The concept was developed by politicians Marco Grimaldi (Sel), Guido Alunno and Andrea Araldi (Pd) .

The measure was approved with 15 votes in favor, 13 against and 6 abstentions.

The city is now putting pressure on the government in Rome to legalize the use of marijuana for therapeutic purposes and for medical purposes.

Earlier this week, Luigi Manconi, Democratic Senator (and also writer, former music critic and former Lotta Continua member), filed a bill to legalize cannabis use and cultivation.

Washington, Colorado, and Uruguay propel change throughout Europe and even in the Bel Paese you can feel the momentum. On February 11, the Constitutional Court will vote for the legitimacy of the Fini-Giovanardi law (which equates to heavy soft drugs). Meanwhile, the Italian pro cannabis community is crossing its fingers and launches a demonstration in Rome on February 8 (for information visit