Mayors researching regulated marijuana growing

Growing marijuana

3 mayors in Limburg (the same province as Maastricht): Paul Depla (PvdA) in Heerlen, Peter Cammaert (CDA) in Roermond and Antoin Scholten (VVD) in Venlo are going to cooperate, resulting in a proposal on regulating the growth of marijuana.

Criminal networks

small marijuana plant
Growing operations take place in the shadows, often in rented homes, where they set equipment up to do the whole growing process automatically.

By doing so, they want to decrease the illegal growth and sale of marijuana on the streets and the criminal activity involved. This was announced earlier today by the mayor of Maastricht, Onno Hoes.

The arrangement was made after consultation on the 23rd of May. Present there were the mayors of Maastricht, Sittard-Geleen, Kerkrade, Roermond, Heerlen and Venlo, as well as chief officer of the justice department Roger Bos and police chief Gery Veldhuis.

The mayors and deputies of the justice department and the police agreed, according to Hoes, on making an end to the criminal network responsible for growing marijuana. Regulating the growth can help stop the criminal growing operations that hurt both the cities and civilians on an individual level.

According to Hoes, the massive influx of foreigners is what keeps the criminal networks going and should be stopped.

No increase in nuisance

In coffeeshops residing in Roermond and Sittard-Geleen,  foreigners are allowed to enter coffeeshops, but according to the mayors this did not lead to more disturbance. Something which we already knew.

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