CBD: An important and extraordinary compound of Cannabis

Multiple medical marijuana oil bills have passed earlier this year based on high in CBD cannabis extracts, low in THC. So, what are they all about?


Everyone who smokes on a regular basis has probably heard about the fact that cannabinoids are the compounds in weed that makes this plant so special. THC in particular because that’s the most psycho-active one, the one that makes you high, but there are several other cannabinoids found in marijuana such as CBD, CBN, CBG, CBC, THCV, and many more. The overall effect you get is due to the relation between those different compounds. From those other compounds, CBD has been studied a lot lately and it seems like this cannabinoid is able to reduce the negative effects of THC such as memory loss and is the one that’s responsible for the many medical purposes of Cannabis.

CBD’s impact on THC

THC is a relatively low toxic substance, it causes barely any physical damage. Looking at the available literature about the toxicity of CBD we can conclude that this substance is even less toxic than THC.

In the discussion about the harmful effects of cannabis, the increased level of THC in the so called “nederwiet” (Skunk, weed originated  from Holland) plays an important role. According to some, the rise of the THC level is the cause of the increased amount of need for help in the social assistance in the Netherlands. Mostly there has been asserted that the increase of the THC-level has been coupled with the decrease of another compound of Cannabis, CBD. The reduction of the THC/CBD ratio in nederwiet has mostly been a result of the increase of THC, while the level of CBD has always been very low in nederwiet.

There has been done very little research to the effects of cannabis in which specifically has been looked at the kind of cannabis and the composition in terms of THC and CBD at recreational use. Concerning THC the effects are well documented and in a few studies there has been looked at CBD as well. Research to the (Possible protecting) effects of CBD according to recreational use is hardly there. The studies in which people were administered with high levels of CBD aren’t very similar to the conditions of recreational use.

The medical effects of CBD

CBD itself  has barely any influence on the normal physiological processes, independent on how it is administered. Only when a certain stimulus such as pain, panic reaction or another cannabinoid such as THC disturbs the normal behavior of our endocannabinoid system, then the effects of CBD will show itself. Investigation showed that the dosage, the THC/CBD-ratio and the timing of administration are important for the final effects of CBD.

Recent studies have shown that cannabis with a high level of CBD doesn’t cause the memory impairment that’s normally one of the main side-effects of using cannabis.

CBD can be given in very high doses with nearly any side-effects. It is a very effective anti-psychotic and is able to inhibit cancer cells and the shrinking of tumors.