Medical marijuana now legal in the Czech Republic

Czech Medical Marijuana

The Czech Republic has become more lenient towards marijuana use over the past few years. It is decriminalized and possession of small amounts probably won’t get you fined – or worse. Now a new law has been passed, that legalizes medical use of marijuana. In December last year, when the law was pending, the Czech government already stated that they would want to import (medical) cannabis from the Netherlands; with the goal to develop facilities create a form of quality control for their own by the end of 2013.

Czech Medical Marijuana

Last Friday, the Czech president Vaclav Klaus signed the new medical marijuana law, which makes it

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European countries are still largely divided on the medical marijuana issue; though more and more countries are conceding to the will of the population.

legal in the Czech Republic to use cannabis for medical treatment. The law allows certified pharmacies to import marijuana, and they it will be grown locally through registered firms in the near future. For 2013, it will be imported from elsewhere, such as the Netherlands.

Patients will be allowed to purchase medical marijuana on a doctor’s prescription, though it won’t be covered by health insurance. Growing cannabis at home remains a legal offense.

The Czech policy change is in line with the general direction in which European marijuana legislation is headed. The choice for the Netherlands for their primary cannabis import is an obvious one. The Dutch government has exported well over 100 kilograms (220 pounds) of medical marijuana to other European countries such as Italy, Finland and Germany since 2006; with amounts growing rapidly each year.