Opening picture: Derrick Bergman

Little over a year I got elected in Barcelona at the General Assembly (the yearly meeting of the members) to the Executive Committee, or daily board. What ENCOD is and does you can now easily read on the brand new website.

At a board meeting half a year later, I decided to put myself forward as a candidate for the presidency. I got elected at that meeting, which meant for a period of 6 months I would be the President after which it changes to another board member.

New ENCOD website

Most important for me to accomplish in this time, was to build a brand new website. A tough job that had to be finished in about 6 months. I regularly build websites for drug-related resources (like this website, but also the Cannabis Liberation Day website, Cannabis en Verkeer website, Cannabis News Network website, HomeGrown Cup website and more are in the works…), so combined with my presidency and the help of Richard I could make this a priority.

Screenshot of the new ENCOD website opening.

I’m quite proud that this week we have been able to present the new website. Currently, it is only in English, but other languages are bound to follow as we receive the translations. We’ve also made it much easier to become a member. Instead of a difficult PDF form, there’s now a simple online form.

We’ve also made it much easier to become a member

Of course, you’re bound to find mistakes on the website still, but they will be edited on the fly as we receive feedback. With the General Assembly coming up, we concluded it would be much more important to go online now than to wait until it’s perfect. The website looks and feels like the 21st century (unlike the old) and scales for mobile devices too. It’s also much easier to edit the website right now for users and webmasters.

ENCOD General Assembly 2018

I attended my first General Assembly in 2015 in Amsterdam. Easy for us, but following the unfortunate death of Joep Oomen, 2016 was skipped and I attended the 2017 General Assembly in Barcelona. Now the upcoming General Assembly takes place in the Czech Republic from 21-23 September. Considering there’s a medicinal cannabis resolution in the making for whole of Europe, it is now more important than ever to join an organisation like ENCOD.

So hereby a call to everyone who is concerned with European drug policy to join ENCOD and if possible, become an active member that can help out the organisation.