Comedian Tim Warner recalls his Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) Experience [Video]

"I smoked Dimethyltryptamine (DMT)"


And while it’s technically only a theory that DMT is the chemical your brain releases right before you die, this performance, on November 22nd, 2011, captures a powerful, moving, passionate, comprehension of life as Tim recalls, “…touching perfection and literally becoming one with everything…”


The song used is the fifth track of Magnolia’s Original Motion Picture Score by Jon Brion: “I’ve Got A Surprise For You Today“.

Transcript (skipped introduction, some curse words etc):

Everything is possible. Our fears and insecurities are our only limitations. That’s it. Life is whatever you make it. It’s all perception of your mind. Whatever you make the program, is what you’re going to see on the mind. So if you want a bunch of files, being an asshole, or someone who stares at kids too long. You know, someone who makes ruckus when you’re out of art demonstrations or entertainment of some kind, that’s what you’re going to be. Think you’re a loser? That’s what you’re going to be.

There’s no reason to think that at all. Because all of this, and I will say it is completely fucked up, is all perfect. Every aspect of it. Including all of you. completely perfect in every way. Even if you think there is some flaw that you have or some defect or blemish you have to oxiclean out of yourself, fucking forget that shit. You’re dumb.

What you need to do is buffer. You need to shine. You need to show it off. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to ever be scared, to every worry to ever have fear at all, all of this should be complete comfort.

There was a moment when I exhaled the DMT and thought “oh, let’s have some fun”.

I saw everything decode kind of like the green numbers in the matrix, except it weren’t numbers. It was every image I have ever perceived in my existence happening simultaneously. And not just this chair, the molecules, the neutrons, the protons, but the shit in between we can’t see with the naked eye but yet it’s there. Breathing with us, sharing with us and dancing with us.

You know when you hear music and you’re walking around and it fits the scene and people walk at the pace, the cars move, the lights change, maybe the sunlight or the rain itself. This was beyond that. Not only did the music in me fit, but we bonded together in the only unison that is existence. That is being one.

Forget it. You have no reason to be scared. You have absolutely no reason whatsoever to ever be nervous, to ever be ashamed. Do everything you feel. As long as it’s out of love. It’s not a bad decision. You do some shit to spite the motherfucker then fuck you. You’re the bad anger in that scenario. But really if it comes from inside, if you’re hesitant to tell someone you love them, or to say hello to that flirt you see every morning when you get your eggs and cheese on a roll. Say something. Do something. Even if it’s just smile. Because again, all of this is absolutely perfect.

My body itself. I felt like for the whole time that i was running around the universe, I ran in a pool for 15 minutes and then i got out and then walked on land it was like “damn, this shit’s easy to do now”

Again it’s perception. That’s why the news and the media constantly go “they’re burning down something in a third world country, war this, economy that” because they want you think that this is not perfect. That it is shitty. When in fact it is not. Send those thoughts out there. Because they vibrate and end up coming back.

Don’t fight against war. It makes no sense. Stand with peace.