Feel like going on a psychedelic trip? Europeans can order their magic mushroom growkit online and by doing so, support The Stoned Society.

It’s really easy to grow magic mushrooms. We’ll cover the process in 6 steps:

  • Fill the kit with water, let the water absorb, remove the water
  • Put the kit in the plastic bag and place it in a good spot
  • Waiting
  • Harvest
  • Drying
  • Start over

Filling the kit with water

Remember that the first thing you do when you need to touch your mushroom box is wash your hands. Always make sure that your hands are clean!

Open one corner of the lid, now open your tap and let tepid water stream gently into the box. When the water starts overflowing, push the corner down again. Once you’ve filled the kit with water, put it in a dark spot for a minimum of 4 hours and a maximum of 12 hours.

If you want you can improve the water absorption in the kit by poking holes in the substrate. Before filling the kit with water, take a clean fork and poke some holes in the substrate, 6 to 8 rows of holes will be enough and you only need to do this the first time.

After you’ve waited for the water to absorb, open one corner of the lid again and let the excessive water stream out. Make sure all the water flows out of the kit or you risk contamination.

Place the kit in a good environment

After you have removed the lid you can put the mushroom kit in the plastic bag that came along with it. These bags are designed for growing magic mushrooms and allow for enough CO2 to get in the bag via a membrane. If you decide use another bag, make sure you take into account that enough air can get into the box.

Mushrooms grow best in a moist environment, so before placing the kit in the bag it’s smart to fill the bag with a little water. This will create the moist environment the magic mushrooms need. Some folks also like to spray their mushrooms with water, but that’s both time consuming and unnecessary.

Don’t place the mushrooms in direct sunlight, daylight is fine but it’s best to place the kit somewhere in your room where there is not too much light.

As for temperature, room temperature is fine.


The first grow cycle takes a little longer than the later ones. It will take a week to 10 days extra. The mycelium in the kit needs to be ‘activated’ sort of speak. After these 10 days it will take another week to 10 days to get full grown mushrooms.

After the first harvest, the waiting time for each following batch will be between 7 to 10 days. Each batch will yield about 100 grams of mushroom and if you do everything properly there will be between 3 and 5 batches.


The ideal time to harvest your mushrooms is when the hoods are just starting to open. Sometimes one or maybe two mushrooms are ahead of the rest, in this case you can remove these and let the rest grow a little while longer.

Before harvesting, always make sure to wash your hands. You don’t want to risk contamination. When you are harvesting the mushrooms, it’s best to twist them and don’t pull them right out of the ground. Make sure you remove all the mushrooms, even the really tiny ones. After harvesting you can start the cycle over again.

You can store the box for a few days after you’ve picked the mushrooms, but really only for a few days. Store it in a dark place with the lid on the kit. Make sure to clean the lid with water first. And again, wash your hands before handling the kit!


After the harvest you can choose to eat your mushrooms when they’re fresh. Fresh mushrooms are mostly a bit stronger than dried ones. So technically you can get a more intense trip then when they’re still fresh, and they will taste better and are easier to chew. However, dried mushrooms are easier to eat fast or prepare in a tea or soup. You can most likely consume more of them so if you want an intense trip, these will probably treat you better then fresh ones.

Dried magic mushrooms
You can try them raw, or make a soup or tea

You can only keep fresh mushrooms for a short time, about a week. Dried mushrooms however, you can keep for a year. If you dry them correctly they will also keep most of their potency. When you’ve dried your mushrooms, keep them in a paper bag and store them in a dark spot, like a drawer. Do not store the bag in the fridge!

Drying magic mushrooms can be done in many ways. You can use a fan, put them in the oven (not recommended!), or create a natural dehydrating climate. You can also use light to dry your mushrooms but this may harm the potency.

Whichever method you choose, always be careful not to make the environment too hot. When the temperature goes above 40 degrees Celsius, psilocybin and other active compounds will start breaking down.

You can best dry your magic mushrooms by creating a dry, warm climate. Place the mushrooms on a few tissues. It’s smart to use a (heating) fan, just make sure the temperature doesn’t go above 40 degrees Celsius. It can take up to a day or longer to dry you mushrooms. Make sure the mushrooms are completely dry, they should break if you try bending them.

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Feel like going on a psychedelic trip? Europeans can order their magic mushroom growkit online and by doing so, support The Stoned Society.