Interview with Gonzo and MrNiceGuy on acid.

LSD trip report

This interview took place during the night, while MrNiceGuy and Gonzo were tripping and I was high interviewing them.

What you get? Well, the following.



Me: Who is MrNiceGuy?

MrNiceGuy: Me?

Me: Yes.

Long Pause

Me: What do you add to the stoned society?

Long Pause.

MrNiceGuy: Don’t know man.

Me: What do you have planned?

No reaction.

Me: Where are you right now?

MrNiceGuy: Huh. Damn Gonzo!

Gonzo is laughing.

Me: How is your trip? Is it a nice trip?

MrNiceGuy: Yes.

Me: Is only your body in the room or are you also here mentally?

MrNiceGuy: Fully. i’m a little bit tired man. It’s so funny.

Me: Are you tagging along on our roadtrip this summer?

MrNiceGuy: Yeah man.

Me: Wanna get the vaporizer out?

Gonzo: Yeah man. What do you suggest?

Me: Don’t know.

Gonzo: I mean my vaporizer, or MrNiceGuy’s.

Gonzo: Ok man, i’m gonna get my vaporizer.

Me: Yeah man, do something for the society and get your damn vaporizer!

Me: I’ll think we’ll try to continue this conversation one hour from now.


Me: do you still understand it all?

MrNiceGuy: Yes yes.

Me: Had some nice visuals?

Bit of the same, things changing. I’m tired man. I gotta go sleep soon.

Me: You can’t just get out of a trip man. Gotta respect the drug.


Me: Who is good guy gonzo?

Gonzo: Dunno man.

Gonzo: I don’t really know an answer.

Me: What do you add the stoned society?

Gonzo: Ideas, just ideas.

Me: What do you hope to achieve?

Gonzo: More ideas.

Me: What are you doing?

Gonzo: Spinning a joint. On a guitar. Using non-bleached papers. But with tobacco.

Me: What do you like about this project?

Gonzo: The whole idea. And even more if it’s gonna be something. Would be brilliant. Many good things can come out of this website. Many good ideas. And the meeting of many new people. Heck, they should come here. People who can afford it should come here.

Me: What should people do?

Gonzo: Dunno. Just chillin. Smoking a joint. Let’s watch some cartoons. No, let’s watch Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

MrNiceGuy: Meh, i’m going to bed.

Gonzo: Good luck man.

Gonzo: Damn I forgot. Could’ve done a candy flip out an hour ago. Ah well.

MrNiceGuy: See you tomorrow man.

Me, Gonzo: Yeah man, see you tomorrow.


I quit asking them questions as they weren’t in a talking mood, the shrooms Gonzo did the day before this, made him talk a lot more. That interview is recorded, but needs some work. Check out later for more!

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