How LSD affected the modern world thanks to mind-blowing revelations

What do a mathematical theorem for NOR gate circuits, a conceptual model of a photon, a linear electron accelerator beam-steering device, a new design for the vibratory microtome, a technical improvement of the magnetic tape recorder, blueprints for a private residency and an arts-and-crafts shopping plaza, and a space probe experiment designed to measure solar properties all have in common? They were all conceived while high on LSD.

LSD blotter close-up

James Fadiman

In an interesting long read published on the website The Morning News, Tim Doody tells the story of James Fadiman , a researcher who conducted LSD experiments and remained pro-psychedelics after the experiments were banned. He goes into detail how LSD was able to affect the modern world by conducting LSD experiments in the name of medical research.

Medical research on psychedelics is quite scarce and is continuing to be. That doesn’t mean there hasn’t been much. Not because of the results, which in some cases have been profound, but because it’s banned. In fact, as the article notes, back in the days Sen. Robert F. Kennedy himself wasn’t pleased to find out the FDA regulators banning LSD studies. He said: “Why, if they were worthwhile six months ago, why aren’t they worthwhile now?” It was personal too, because at the time, his wife Ethel actually received successful LSD-augmented therapy in Vancouver.

What is necessary for the safest, most successful, and potentially sacred experience?

In the article Fadiman also answers that question by giving the following six items:

  • Set: the mental attitude of a would-be psychedelic voyager
  • Setting: the surroundings in which a psychedelic substance is ingested
  • Guide: a person experienced with non-ordinary states of consciousness who helps to mitigate challenges and channel insights
  • Substance: the type and quantity of psychedelic agent
  • Session: the entirety of a psychedelic trip, including all activities or rituals
  • Situation: the environment, people, and culture from which a person comes to a session and returns afterward


Speaking from my point of view and having experience with psilocybin as well LSD, I can see how LSD and psilocybin (and other psychedelics) are able to not only affect but also enhance your way of thinking. At times I used it recreationally, other times I took it to take a different look at problems in my life that I had to solve. In fact, this website was started after we came up with the idea during a LSD trip!

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