Always wanted to get paid for a magic mushroom trip? Well this is your chance! The University of Maastricht (Netherlands) is looking for volunteers in their study into psilocybin on the brain and behavior.

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Via the Psychedelic Society of the Netherlands we received the following:

Magic Mushroom Trip

Dried Magic Mushrooms are illegal in the Netherlands, however you can still grow your own magic mushrooms legally.Truffles on the other hand, you can still find online and are shipped to European countries, as well as in smartshops. Truffles also contain psilocybin and the effect is pretty much the same as a magic mushroom trip. It’s therefor likely participants will get to use truffles, not dried mushrooms.

Magic Mushroom Trip
Truffles containing psilocybin. © The Stoned Society

It is likely all spots have been filled already for the study. However we thought the news about a University sponsoring your magic mushroom trip, was worth sharing.