In our third Swiss CBD Review, we take a look at Black Widow by Future Grow. Obtained at the same tobacco shop in Lausanne, Switzerland, as the CPure by BioCan we reviewed earlier and Soma by CBDistrict.

So, as the saying goes, best for last? Time to find out.

Black Widow package

Considering this has been bought at a tobacco shop, the package was clearly made to catch the eye of customers as you can find it like this on display. Like the other packages, it has the same anti-smoking messages on the back and front.

Black widow package front. © The Stoned Society.

On the back, we find it is produced in Austria by Future Grow and contains 1.68 grams for 24.90 CHF (21.8 euros). That’s a hefty 13 euros per gram.

Black Widow
Black widow package back. © The Stoned Society.

Scanning the QR code on the back, brings us to a promo video of Future Grow on YouTube

On the package, we also find the CBD percentage: 12%. While THC is, like all CBD in Switzerland, less than 1%.

Taking off the stickers that seal the package, reveals the Black Widow inside is still in a ‘baggie’. A huge disappointment, as a baggie still makes me think of it as a ‘drug’, while it is already in a package…

Black Widow
Why the baggie?! © The Stoned Society

Black Widow buds inspection

The buds inside don’t really make my heart race either. It was in fact the first package I opened of the reviewed three. There’s a smell, but it’s not particularly nice.

Black Widow
Black Widow out of it’s package. © The Stoned Society

And while inspection with a microscope reveals a few minuscule trichomes, but you don’t need a microscope to see the quality isn’t what you would hope it to be. There’s different colours, that don’t really match up either.

Black Widow bud up close. © The Stoned Society

Black Widow Smoke

When rolled up in a small cigarette with filter, it burns smooth with a slight itch on the throat (not annoying however). There’s taste, but like the smell, it’s again not particularly nice.


There’s taste, but like the smell, it’s again not particularly nice

Perhaps the guys of Future Grow are up to something, but this Black Widow just doesn’t cut it. Out of all CBD strains I’ve smoked, this one was the worst. Worst of all: with their marketing I believe they’re playing into the younger crowd, whom I can only recommend to check out some of the other available products.