While browsing the Azarius website for some new and exciting products, I stumbled upon this OG Kush CBD Hash. And while CBD cannabis had been available for a while already in Switzerland, it is rare to see in the Netherlands. As such, I figured why not give it a try.

CBD Hash package

There’s 3 options available from Azarius: OG Kush, Amnesia and Lemon Haze. We picked the OG Kush version.

CBD Hash
OG Kush CBD hash. © The Stoned Society

Interesting enough, turning the package reveals the products’ compounds.

CBD Hash
Contents. © The Stoned Society

Look and smell inspection

I opened the package and immediately smelled some sort of bio hemp smell. If you read the back, it shows why. It’s ‘CBD hash’ made from hemp which is allowed to be grown for industrial purposes. There’s no sign whatever of OG Kush.

There’s no sign whatever of OG Kush

To be honest, I don’t need to try the other two to know they don’t smell or taste anything like the ‘real deal’ either.

It’s slightly darker than regular hash and neither the smell nor the looks are really inviting to try it.

CBD hash
A closer look. © The Stoned Society

As such, it took months before I finally persuaded myself to just try it and throw the joint away in case it was really gross.

CBD Hash smoke

I was hanging with some people who had shown interest in CBD before, so I did what pretty much any Dutch stoner would: roll up the CBD hash with some tobacco.

‘not as bad as the smell out of the package’

First thing I noticed is it didn’t smell as bad when it burns, compared to smelling it straight out of the package. It doesn’t smell great either…

So how does it taste? Well, it smokes okay and seems to burn like regular plant material. But the taste is pretty much only explained as ‘not as bad as the smell out of the package’.

The effect was pleasant, relaxing I would say. The CBD hash, of course, does not get you high, considering there’s pretty much no traces of THC.


Basically, if you take it out of the package it prepares you for the worst so when you do smoke it, you think: ‘ah, that’s not as bad as I expected’.

Anyways, if you still want to try it. You can find it selling for €7.95 on the Azarius website.