OpenVAPE was one of the first vape (cartridge) companies that got on my radar, even if they weren’t available yet here in Europe. As such, it came as quite a surprise to find them at European fairs and my favorite smartshop Azarius also happened to stock their CBD cartridges. THC containing oil (and so also cartridges) are illegal in the Netherlands due to it not containing any leaf material, which makes it an extract and class A drug.

I decided to give the OpenVAPE CBD cartridge a try and ordered me a battery and a Strawberry Sour Diesel version. They also have Skunk #1, Original and Grape Ape available.

The OpenVAPE CBD cartridge contains 0.5 ml and the following ingredients:

  • Hemp derived purified cannabidiol (100 mg)
  • Polyethylene Glycol (PEG)
  • Botanically sourced natural terpenes
  • Beta-carotene antioxidants
OpenVAPE CBD cartridge + battery © The Stoned Society

So as you might have figured out, no it’s not 100% pure oil.

Using the OpenVAPE CBD vaporizer

In the wild © The Stoned Society

After charging the battery up with the included USB charger, I screwed the cartridge on top and gave it a go. There are no buttons whatsoever and the battery will start working the moment you inhale: couldn’t be easier.

What you notice up next is the taste. As a cannabis connoisseur, I have to admit the taste is a little fake. Bit strawberry, sure. Then again, if you are not a cannabis aficionado like myself and more of a general user (of CBD), it might not bother you or you might even like it. It’s much more like an e-cigarette flavor with CBD.

The taste did not stop me from using it, however. Whenever I would go to a party, I’d bring a THC pen and this CBD pen with me. In the heat of the moment, it would be able to calm me when I simply couldn’t get any higher from THC anymore.

The CBD certainly has a calming effect, even if it’s hard to pinpoint as a general THC user. The battery lasts forever, as I can’t remember I charged it.

On a bridge 🙂 © The Stoned Society


  • Battery life
  • Effect


  • Taste


I’m sure with better regulations in the United States (and Canada), OpenVAPE is able to produce much nicer tastes and THC versions of course. Right now, the OpenVAPE cartridges are a nice look into the future for European users while serving them a nice, calming dose of CBD. In addition to the THC they are usually smoking, it can work like a charm.

The OpenVAPE CBD cartridges (100mg) are available for 29,95 euros on the Azarius website. You can also buy a bundle together with the battery, which will make it 39,95. There’s also a 300mg version cartridge for 49,95 euros. Of course, if you are from North America, you’ll find them in your local dispensary or check out their website.

(Calming) Effect
Easy to use
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