If you’re on Instagram in the Amsterdam area, you may have stumbled upon pictures of the colourful Rainbow Kush Cakes by @amsterdamediblesconnection.

We were in Amsterdam for 4.20 and made a stop at Coffeeshop Bagheera for the HomeGrown Cup winning Platinum Valley Kush by Accelerator Seeds and of course a Rainbow Kush Cake!

Because I knew I was going to make a review of it and needed good pictures, I decided to stash it away and keep it for until I got home. If you do take it home with you, you can keep it in the fridge for a couple weeks in the packaging. But flavor will decrease.

Amsterdam Edibles

in the Netherlands the edible market is unregulated

The packaging is where it becomes interesting though. Basically, in the Netherlands the edible market is unregulated and as such, product information is not required. Thankfully, Amsterdam Edible Connection does include dosage information.

Amsterdam EdibleThe dosage of .5 grams is familiar to me and thus I wasn’t hesitant to try it with the photographer after taking the pictures. The first thing you notice is the caramel taste, but don’t expect rainbow unicorns to shine from your mouth.

Amsterdam EdibleI had build up a tolerance over the past week, but we both noticeably felt a stoned feeling coming over us about an hour later after we came back from the grocery store. I didn’t actually think I would notice anything at all, considering my tolerance and only taking half. But I did and the effect lasted for about 5 hours after which I had a great sleep.

If you’re in Amsterdam and like to take an edible for a change, consider visiting Coffeeshop Bagheera at Kloveniersburgwal 60, Amsterdam (open every day from 09:00 till 01:00) to pick up your Rainbow Kush Cake for 8 euros a piece. Varying flavours.