Acouple weeks back we started with the Amsterdam Edible Review, reviewing various edibles available in the Dutch capital of Amsterdam. You can find previous edible reviews here.

As mentioned before, we only try edibles that contain the dosage on the package. We are doing this to support sensible consumption. Because in the Netherlands the edible market is unregulated and as such, things like product information is not required, nor is there any regulatory oversight.

Coffeeshop DNA

I happened to find myself last week in Amsterdam near Coffeeshop DNA, a hidden gem located in a residential area in the South of Amsterdam. While it may not be in the tourist ridden center, you might consider a visit when you look at the prices and products available. We don’t post coffeeshop menus here, but a quick google around and you’ll see what I mean.

So I was initially looking to buy some hash, which I did, considering Blue Dream and Kosher Kush hash were on the menu for less than 10 euros a gram. But then the glass cage stocked with edibles dawned on me. Sure, perhaps I should have chosen something more different than these Rainbow cakes, as they can remind you of an earlier review we did of the Rainbow Kush Cakes.

Coffeeshop DNA Amsterdam Edible Review
© The Stoned Society.

There were actually several different kind of pastries available, all with 0.3 grams of THC.

Coffeeshop DNA Amsterdam Edible Review 2
Dosage and product information. © The Stoned Society.


I took the Rainbow Blocks home and kept them in my refrigerator for a couple days before I had the time to really try them out. They’re not really any different than the other Rainbow Cakes available at Coffeeshop DNA by the way, except that they are cut in 6 pieces. You can get regular ones too.

Coffeeshop DNA Amsterdam Edible Review
Taste the rainbow… © The Stoned Society.

Because sharing is caring, I gave one piece to a lesser experienced society fellow and ate 5 pieces myself to see what it would do to me. We were no longer in Amsterdam, but what we ended up doing was very ‘Amsterdam-like’.


Unless you are able to taste colors, these cakes don’t taste that different from regular cakes

Unless you are able to taste colors, these cakes don’t taste that different from regular cakes. But also certainly not bad. I’m not a huge fan of sugar, but liked the taste. They also still tasted fine after having spend a couple days in my refrigerator.


Whereas for my friend it gave a small, but noticeable mellow high. For me, I was quite surprised by how well it hit me. We walked around the city, visited a coffeeshop, smoked a joint and had coffee, before we ended up in a bar drinking craft beers.

We ate the cakes around 3.45PM and after we had left the bar, I could still feel it.

Later, around 7.30PM, most of the effects were pretty much done after we had an excellent fresh hamburger and fries.


You’ll have a very fun day exploring the city (on foot)

All in all, we had a very fun day. The dosage is quite right for them regular smokers like me, otherwise you’re perhaps better off starting with half or even less. You’ll have a very fun day exploring the city (on foot).

This Rainbow Block, as well as many other edibles, are available at Coffeeshop DNA for 6,50 euros. Coffeeshop DNA is located at Achillesstraat 104, 1076 RH Amsterdam and is open 9AM-11PM every day.