A couple weeks back we started with the Amsterdam Edible Review, reviewing various edibles available in the Dutch capital of Amsterdam. You can find previous edible reviews here.

This week, we take a closer look at the THC infused Cereal Bars by @goldengreenbakery.

golden green bakery

Earlier we already tried the Infused Gummy Bears, Infused Chocolate Bars and the Medicated Cuisine by The Golden Green Bakery, as such we are familiar with their dosage.


For this review, I tried an infused cereal bar twice on two different occasions. Once on my own just before I went to a techno/acid party and I shared one with a friend just before we left to attend a reggae/dub party. Both occasions it was already around midnight.


The cereal bars I tried tasted great. I tried the Lion bar and Tresor versions. You really taste the Lion Bar and Tresor taste in the bars. But one thing that should be noted is that the bars truly fill you up.

golden green bakery

Considering they’re 100mg a piece, the dosage is fine to eat it whole. You see, I noticed the first time it takes quite a while to chew through. I was already feeling the effects before I finished the bar…

The second time, we had the cereal bar after dinner and even then it took a while to finish the whole bar with two of us.


Like I said when I tried the whole Lion Cereal Bar (100mg) before I went to a Techno/Acid party, I had difficulties even finishing the whole thing. But when I did I was completely blazed. I have quite some experiencing going out and dancing on edibles, but this time I seriously had problems to move.

golden green bakery

So when I shared one bar with a friend before going to a reggae/dub party, I figured it wouldn’t be a bad idea to try just half. The dosage (50mg) was much better for a night’s out. I was stoned enough (didn’t feel like smoking anymore)…


these cereal bars are best used when you’re actually hungry and want to get really stoned

I would say these cereal bars are best used when you’re actually hungry and want to get really stoned. If you just had food, you’ll have problems finishing it whole.

And if you’re about to eat, you won’t really feel hungry. That was actually also a plus: whereas edibles usually make you very hungry, these only did when the effect (about 4 hours later) wore off.

You can pick up the Infused Cereal Bars at Coffeeshop Happy Days and De Kade in Amsterdam for 8-12 euros (depending on flavors and availability) and make sure to follow The Golden Green Bakery (@goldengreenbakery) on Instagram for more information about availability.