Acouple weeks back we started with the Amsterdam Edible Review, reviewing various edibles available in the Dutch capital of Amsterdam. You can find previous edible reviews here.

This week, we take a closer look at the THC infused Chocolate bonbons by @goldengreenbakery.

THC Infused Chocolate Bonbons by Golden Green Bakery

golden green bakery

Earlier we already tried the Infused Gummy BearsInfused Chocolate BarsMedicated Cuisine and Infused Cereal Bars by The Golden Green Bakery, as such we are familiar with their dosage.


For this review, we tried the Chocolate Bonbons on several occasions and settings.

Each bonbon has approximately 14mg of oil

Because one package contains a total of 100mg of concentrated cannabis oil, each bonbon has approximately 14mg of oil.

One occasion was during the after hours of a party, while other occasions were just before going to bed on a regular day after a weekend of partying.

golden green bakery


The Chocolate Bonbons are available in three different flavors: white, milk and dark chocolate.

I could even taste a grasp of Lemon (Haze)

For each bonbon, quality chocolate is used and the flavor is just great. I could even taste a grasp of Lemon (Haze) in each of the chocolates. Some people love it, others don’t. I do!


Whereas one will be enough to sleep, you can eat several and find yourself still stoned 12 hours later. Eating them at daytime will ensure you’ll find yourself smoking a lot less cannabis than you would otherwise. Eating a whole package equals about the same dose as two of the gummy bears we tried in an earlier review

golden green bakery


So you like eating cannabis? You like chocolate? You’ve got to try these. They come in several flavors and are easy to dose.

Make sure to follow The Golden Green Bakery (@goldengreenbakery) on Instagram for information about availability.