Considering the rise in popularity of cannabis oil concentrates, it was only a matter of time before companies would figure out alternatives to the bong, nail and torch combination.

We’ve seen pens, e-nails, vaporizers and e-rigs attempts. The Flowermate S50 is perhaps best described as a combination of an e-cigarette ‘boxmod’, e-rig and vaporizer pen.

Let’s take a closer look at the device and what comes in the box.

Inside the Flowermate S50 box

Flowermate S50

  • 1 Titanium Heating Element
  • 1 50 Watt Power Module with 2200mAh Capacity
  • 1 Mini Bubbler
  • 1 Mini Bubbler Measuring Tube
  • 1 USB Charger
  • 1 Packing Tool
  • 1 Short Glass Cover

Preparing the Flowermate S50 for first time use

The Flowermate S50 has a micro usb slot at the bottom and as such can be charged with the supplied USB cable. A wall charger is not supplied, but you probably have one laying around or simply plug it into your computer.

Flowermate S50

After it’s charged fully, you can choose to use the Flowermate S50 with or without the included bubbler. While in public the glass bubbler might attract too much attention, the Short Glass Cover comes in handy for stealth situations.

The Short Glass Cover and the Mouth Piece can be taken apart for easy refilling purposes.

After you took the Mouth Piece off, simply drop a piece of your favorite concentrate on the titanium nail. Place the oil in the trenches of the titanium nail, not on the middle piece.

Flowermate S50

The ring that’s sitting beneath the nail allows you to change the airflow. I usually just leave it open. The warning on it isn’t a joke by the way, it does get really hot.

Using the Flowermate S50

When you’re all charged up and have filled your Flowermate S50, simply press the on/off button 5 times to turn the S50 on. By using the +/- buttons below, you can change the Wattage or Voltage. Pressing the button 3 times when it’s already on, will change the settings from Wattage to Voltage.

Personally I have been using a wattage varrying from 30-50. But in the end, you often end up switching to 50 Watt anyways.

Flowermate S50

Now to heat up the nail, you hold the on/off button and you will see a timer has started to run on the LED screen. It takes aproximately 3-5 seconds to be on temperature. Inhaling before has no use, especially the first time after the device has cooled down. When it’s already on temperature, you’ll hit vaporizing temperatures a little earlier.

Flowermate S50

When a friend wants to try a hit, I usually have heated up the nail before I pass it through. Do make sure to notify your probably stoned friends not to hold the vaporizer horizontally. If the oil is hot it becomes a liquid and will drip out of the nail… It’s not a huge problem if you’re known with cleaning bongs.

Clouds can be as big as you like, but you might start feeling an itch in your throat. Recommend, especially if you’re at home, is to use the included bubbler.

Using the Flowermate S50 with Bubbler

For taste, throat and bigger cloud purposes, the bubbler is the way to go.

To fill the bubbler, you can use the glass Measuring Tube to push out the top of the bubbler. Of course, caution is advised when you’re working with glass. After you got the top piece out, you can use the Measuring Tube to fill up the bubbler up to the golden ring at the bottom of the bubbler. Too little and you won’t be able to take a hit, too much water and it might end up coming through the mouth piece.

Putting the bubbler back together, you now basically have a portable dabrig.

For taste, throat and bigger cloud purposes, the bubbler is the way to go. It’s all very delicate material however. Be careful not to break it. If you do end up breaking it, you can buy separate one luckily.

Flowermate S50


  • Battery life (and it’s replaceable)
  • Price
  • No torch needed


  • Battery door makes it feel ‘cheap’
  • Lots of small parts, including glass. Durability might be a problem in the long run.


The Flowermate S50 is an all round, affordable electronic dabbing solution. You should be able to find one for less than $100. On the Flowermate website, it’s $89.99 as of writing.